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    Nov 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Tunaflakes View Post
    Thanks everyone for the replies. I really appreciate it. Yep I did inquire na sa Metrobank, BPI and BDO.. I think I'm going with BPI, 20% DP then lower yung prices.. Ang samin kasi ng wife ko kaya gusto namin ng low down, since we're moving to the new house this may, we wanna use the extra 60-80k sana sa ibang appliances sa bahay.. hehe puro kasi kitchen stuff regalo samin nun kasal namin.. :D Thanks for all the replies, I'll go get the Rio na lang.. If only nde mabigat yung bahay, I'd go for the accent HB, sulit sana yun..

    Naguusap pa din kami ng wife ko with BPI vs. Dealer's low down.. Kasi mahirap naman lumipat ng bahay ng microwave, toaster, kitchen stuff, PC and aircon lang meron kami.. hahaha again maraming maraming salamat po mga sir..
    another side comment: might be more economical in the long run to increase your dp then i-credit card / 0% interest nyo yung appliances / furniture haha :D not to scare you, pero common sa mga nare-repossessed na kotse ng bank, dahil sa low-down high-monthly.

    do also check out the upcoming manila int'l auto show. baka makahanap kayo good deal, lalo na sponsor din dun ang BPI auto loan

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    Mar 2009
    In the long run sobrang talo ka sa low down.

    Give at least 20% dp, dapat nga mga 40% pa para kahit mabigat yung unang cashout, magaan na monthly mo. And if (knock on wood) may mga unwanted gastos throughout the month, hindi ka mamomroblema kung saan mo pupulutin yung pang-monthly mo sa kotse kasi napaka-liit lang.

    Gamit sa bahay? Pwede naman yan CC. Tapos 12 mos. pa, or, pwede rin paunti unti ang gamit sa bahay.

    Kasi ang gaan nga ng initial cashout mo pero sa 60 MONTHS ang laki parati ng bayarin na iniisip mo. Worth it ba? Hindi eh.

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    Dec 2012
    If you visit the rio forums most of them are disappointed with the FC. Ang lumalabas is its a subcompact that has a fuel economy of a compact.
    If your family has a trusty mechanic, go for 2nd hand nalang muna. Tapos pagkatapos na yung bahay nyo maybe then you can invest more in a car.
    But if 2nd hand is not an option, among your choices id pick the mirage. Although knocking issues aside, the accent would be very nice. And it would be a lot bigger than the picanto or mirage. FC according to their thread is right for a subcompact.

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    Mar 2009
    If you visit the forums, the 1.2LX Rio actually has decent economy

    More than what's "just right" for a subcompact ;)

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    Feb 2003
    TS pasakay naman sa Thread mo.

    What if the case will be say the car will be driven on Mon-Fri daily Hiway drive from Batangas to Alabang vice versa (170Km), what car would be the most frugal to drive. Currently have an automatic 1.6Sedan and a Fortuner. So what's the best option? Toll fee will be really a burden na so I have to get the lowest fuel sipping car? Suggestion pls?

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    Aug 2004
    Brand new? If fuel economy is the only thing that matters, Hyundai Eon or Suzuki Alto. Leaning towards the Eon.

    Secondhand, I'd go for something like the previous-generation Picanto with the older Epsilon 12-valve engine. Good economy, easy to maintain. Best combination of utility and economy would be a 1.3 MT Jazz or City, but prices are still high.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2008
    When we were still starting out, the underlying theme is utility. Something decent and affordable. With this idea, my vote goes to the Hyundai Eon.

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    May 2006
    i have the old picanto using it almost every from binan to malate manila. so mga around 80km balikan. ang ayaw ko lang sa small displacement mataas RPM sa 100kph 3,000 RPM. pero kasi pag takbo mo around 80 KPH around 2,500 RPM pero matipid naman pag 80 kph lang takbo mo. Pero if you push hard or maintain 3k RPM. mababa mileage.

    BTW sir Tunaflakes. I have pending reservation on kia rio and a friend in BPI na ok ang package at rates baka gusto mo ipasa ko nalang sayo

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    Feb 2003
    Thanks Niky..planning to get a brandnew main objective is the most fuel efficient one..CRDI equipped cars vs. gas fed will it really be beneficial in my case considering the maintenance cost of the CRDI engine cars.

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    Mar 2013
    No brainer po eto, Mirage po, Looks palang taob na yung dalawa, LCD, push start button, more space, better parts, Mivec engine....

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