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    Oct 2002
    I dunno but amongst the choices i'd get the Mini Cooper if i were screwing value for money (just because it looks good :P).

    Otherwise, I'd get the Golf GTi but if you're really talking value for money, get a Subaru WRX as suggested.

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    Jan 2013
    I've driven all 3 cars and here are some pros and cons ...

    Lexus IS350 (I'm assuming the base model)
    + best build quality
    + fastest among the 3
    +- good handling although a little front heavy
    +- relatively common
    - more like a 4 seater than a 5 seater
    - worst fuel mileage although not that bad

    Mini Cooper 5-door base
    + cool retro look
    + bigger than the previous Minis
    +- decent power but not fast
    - rear doors too small to fit adults

    VW Golf GTI
    + feels more powerful than 220hp
    + good interior design and space
    - lacks some important options offered abroad (e.g .performance pack, DCC, etc)
    - Subaru WRX is cheaper (although GTI's interior is a lot more upscale)

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