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    Oct 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by romeocharlie View Post
    Pajero for luxury. MuX for practicality. Weigh what you really need.. Pajero is a timeless beauty, and one of the ultimate status symbol in the neighborhood..

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    Natumbok mo sir, status symbol ika nga, kaya gusto ko sana Pajero at nagipon ng matagal eh. pero kahit ano pang sasakyan dala ko sir, the fact na isa akong hamak na seaman, napag isip isip ko na mas mahalaga ang investment kahit na maliit at least meron. Kaya ko po nababanggit ang kapirasong lote kasi po may inaalok sa amin at swak na swak sa budget ng walang utang, kaya biglang nagbago ang isip ko na magsettle na lang kami for the MU-X. May kirot man sa kalooban ko na hindi Pajero ang vehicle na mabibili ko, happy pa rin kasi magkakaroon ako ng dagdag na investment for the kids. If ever magpapatuloy ang magandang kalusugan baka sakaling mabili rin ang Pajero after a decade na nga lang ulit hehe.

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    Oct 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by victorevolution View Post
    the first real ofw are the FILIPINO SEAMAN-SEAFARERS, and they are still the major ofw contributor amounting to a total of $ u.s. 4 billion every year.

    they kept our economy afloat despite dozens of political mishaps, from corruption, bad economic management, coup de etat, terrorism and rebellion.

    you are not a cheap seaman- you risk your lives and personal happiness for our sake, directly and in-directly.

    be proud and humble
    Thank you very much sir victorevolution for the encouraging words at sa iyong pagkilala sa mga contribution ng mga katulad kong maglalayag sa ating lugmok nang ekonomya due to wide spread corruption sa gobyerno. Nakakataba po ng puso.

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    Oct 2002

    teka labas na yata yung 2015 na Pajero... parang nakita ko sa Topjear Philippines... hehehehhe

    Honestly... I also want a Pajero or an LC.... dream na lang talaga ang Range Rover at BMW X5 at Audi Q7

    but I cannot justify buying it unless siguro na manalo ako ng lotto, but with my hard earned money..... there are other better investment out there to sway me off in buying these luxury cars....

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    Jun 2012
    Matagal ka pa naman siguro sa paglalayag. Which means anytime soon, meron ka na ulit pambili ng lote. Less than a year lang yan. So sa dream car ka na.

    If you go with your other option, medyo matatagalan pa bago mo mahawakan ang dream car mo.

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    Aug 2005
    Id go for the MUX.

    Everything will be cheaper.. Maintenance, Registration and Insurance.

    Then probably go invest the rest. So by the time its time to sell the MUX then I got more cash to buy a bigger better car.

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    Nov 2010
    The Pajero is already long in the tooth. Tsaka kapag nag-test drive ka for sure pajero pa din bibilhin mo kahit na mas madami toys nang MU-X.

    Kaya get the Trailblazer 4x4 instead para bawas ang sisi mo na hindi pajero binili mo. May savings ka pa din na pang-invest, mas maganda pa sa MUX nabili mo!

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    Oct 2014
    Good day, fellow tsikoteers!

    First of all, I'd like to apologize to sir Luckyman, for posting below and hi-jacking your thread. If my post is somehow, inappropriate on this category, I apologize again and kindly move this to the correct segment or please redirect me. But since the TB has been mentioned here, earlier, I am doing a point segue re my case, while sharing it and seeking some helpful insight.

    Tsikot forum/s, like this, have helped a lot in providing the appropriate feedback, in any form, to prospective buyers like me. My intent is just to capture a direct and healthy or objective share/input (esp from car enthusiasts here) from fellow tsikoteers… as I am sure there are still others out there who are on the same boat as I am. Thanks Tsikot!

    Going back, I am still up to the point of deciding between the Mux (LS-A) and TB (LT), and would need to decide really soon.

    And I know the bottom line question is always thrown back… what are you looking for a vehicle and what do you need? I have read several comparison write-ups between these 2 vehicles (ie Topgear, James Deakin site, etc…), so no need to send me those, please. (Btw, those were definitely great write-ups!)

    However, am looking more to make my decision based on my elements with my current state (below). Really appreciate your shared opinion, as this will really mean a lot in my final selection. I have detailed na lang some few info below, as factors for consideration.

    Thank you and more power fellow tsikoteers!

    -Family of 5 (2 adults +3 kids (agers 9,7,4) + 2 household helps)
    -City Driving; out of town long drive rarely happens
    -Most of the time will be only used by me; family will be on it during weekends
    -Use of vehicle: looking at 7 years (min) to 10 years (max)
    -Paid reservation for Mux and nakalista since September for Mux but baka sa dec pa raw; sa TB anytime the unit is available
    -1.5M budget (fits both)
    -Dumadaan sa baha (mostly shin area to seldom knee deep level), pag talaga malakas ang ulan; but normally, wala.

    *Straight-forward comparison notes I have gathered so far post my test drive of both vehicles, accompanied by a male friend and my wife. And of course, speaking with SA’s of each vehicle manufacturer. Again, these are just my observation/s, and I may be wrong about some as they are all based on personal hands-on and “I’ve read thread” captures. So please respect my info below… you can even correct them if you have some reference or solid info to steer onto the accurate info. I’d be appreciative of it.

    MUX: (LS-A 4x2 AT)
    - Very Comfy ride even sa mga lubak na pinagdaanan namen sa test drive; handled the potholes and heavy dirt road very well at speed of 20 to 60kms.
    - Nice Modern features on accessories which will be ideal for a family set-up like what I have (auto climate, screen LCD entertainment system,leather steering, power seats, etc..)
    - It’s an “ISUZU”; kapitbahay ko may Isuzu pick-up since 1993 ata, hanggang ngayon yon pa ren ginagamit araw-araw for their hauling of motor parts business (note: warm-up nya di man lang umaabot 30sec everyday, tas hinahatak na direcho na sa arangkada)
    - Based on feedback here, FC at 10 to 12kms mixed city driving
    - I felt overtaking had some effort on the engine (kung tao pa, shouting level na), pero was still able to do so but with some extended calculation (part of it siguro is still getting to know pa the engine); didn’t happen to me when I did this with TB; also I was just on Drive mode, not on manual tiptronic.
    - Since these are new vehicles at Thailand made pa… re Parts and Accessories: some maybe expensive with isuzu and some maybe expensive with chevy?
    - I placed some pressure on the exterior doors and fenders with my hand; para syang may tendency lumulubog immediately
    - Mas bago ang Mux
    - Compubox nasa engine bay
    - 10k on 1st PMS at 1.5km, based on Mux thread
    - Display instrumentation is better (ie Gear mode is highly visible on Main display) compared to TB (nasa lower left at maliit sya sa TB, and dangerous if di mo makita)
    - 3 years warranty
    - Will be my 3rd Japanese Car

    TB (LT 4x2 AT)
    - Sobra ang lakas ng hatak, very useful for overtaking, which I used most during the test drive; this is what also added to my dilemma as I felt the engine capability
    - Mas malaki ang mga tubo sa ilalim sa suspension support/arms, when i compared them
    - Matagtag sya or am I just used to old school comfy diesel AUV/SUV (Adventure, Montero) using fluid shocks? I felt that every stone is bouncing the vehicle (passed a flat road with some small gravel on it); my wife who is byahilo – did not complain of such, ako ang naka-notice neto
    - Mix of nice and needs improvement of accessory items at this model (steering ain’t leather, not leather seats, non-power seat, mirror adjustment is on ideal location, LCD touchscreen on dash is given free because of promo - this is not even the factory LCD touchscreen, i believe)
    - Slightly Bigger vehicle, and higher ground clearance (tend to notice it has more legroom in second row?)
    - The hood is really heavy and solid (meaning mas better sya on impact protection?)
    - FC is 7 to 9kms mixed city driving based on feedback, but SA I spoke told me 8km ang min
    - I placed some pressure on the exterior doors and fenders with my hand; tendency to lumulubog din but it took me a lot of pressing to do; in other words mas matigas sya.
    - Since these are new vehicles at Thailand made pa… re Parts and Accessories: some maybe expensive with isuzu and some maybe expensive with chevy?
    - Compubox nasa loob ng dashboard
    - 1st PMS at 5kms is around 6500 (mineral oil); while 10kms is around 9000 (mineral oil);Got this from a friend who showed me the quote
    - Heavy dalhin, parang tangke but solid on the ground
    - 5 years warranty
    - Will be my 1st American Car

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    TB and Mu-x are built in thailand....not american cars or even japanese. Same chasis...recently same recall sa 3rd row seat belt tension in Australia. Interior space is the same as mentioned by sir Niky*topgearph. As for warranty...same lng sila 3yrs. But chevy has additional 2 years on the drivetrain. Ground clearance is the same 230mm more or less. As for wading 600 vs 800. Isuzu doesnt want the alternator submerged lol. Chevy thinks its ok to submerge the alternator. Either way mataas alternator nila. Deciding factor is either speed or fuel efficiency. Medyo malaki fc difference ng dalawa. 15-25% ahem

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    Oct 2014
    Thank you sir *StockEngine... what about durability and reliability of TBZ? Spare parts availability and is the cost really higher compared to other vehicle manufacturers?

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    Oct 2002
    I sat in a TB yesterday. Akala ko maluwang since the vehicle seemed big from the outside. But when i extended my right arm my fingers touched the right side door panel right away. I did not even had to bend sideways to do so. Halos same lang pala sila ng Montero sa internal cabin width. I could not help but compare it to the Sorento, where my right hand will still be at least 4 inches from the door plastic panelling. . I am just amazed that a CUV can have better room than a vehicle classed as an SUV. ano ba classification ng TB, midsized suv ba? Anyway the SA asked if i wanted a test drive which i declined.

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