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    Nov 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by hsector View Post
    the P2600 hydrophilic paint protection worked fine for me. I took photos of the car when it got wet with rain before and after the hydro paint protection was placed... and I can see the difference. When I got the hydrophilic paint protection, the water seemed to slide more faster, and it actually are grouped together in huge droplets as compared to before(when there was no hyrdophilic coating yet).
    can you post the pictures of before and after the application of hydrophilic paint protection,as you've mentioned?..

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    Jul 2006
    I don't get it, if it's hydrophilic then it will attract water. Paint is made up of various oils, so if you add water to oil...? What exactly does hydrophilic paint protection do to the paint? Know that before you even have it done to your car.

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    Jul 2007
    any update po sa thread na to? owners who have tried hydrophilic share naman po experience ninyo.. salamat

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by negon View Post
    any update po sa thread na to? owners who have tried hydrophilic share naman po experience ninyo.. salamat
    I had that in Honda Pasig and the water "beads" off the paint, kinda like how Rain X works.

    But I recommend that you guys have the paint protection at a professional detailer because the Casa left swirl marks all over my 3 month old car.

    here's the link of lie to read some more -

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    Jul 2010
    just use wax that has hydrophilic system.. like megs NEXT 2.0.. or collinite 476s or collinite 885. you can save money and you may apply this to your car every time you want. maybe they also use this in casa

    2.6k? each product only cost 900 - 1.5k .. before you use this products use megs/mothers clay (price is around 1.3k) total of 2.2 - 2.8k (it can last more than a year"the products") and you can apply those products every month, not like in casa, 2.6k each month

    result of collinite 476 ,does doing hydrophobic in casa had a result like this??

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Hydrophilic paint protection