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    Nov 2002
    That's inhuman to treat an animal: shooting them or any physical abuse.

    I have the same problem too before. I bought a car cover. Put the cover EVERYTIME I park in the garage. It will not make them go away but at least you car will not be scratched.

    Second, befriend them. It works. I bought them cat food and feed them whenever I have the time. Days after, they don't sleep over the car anymore. They wait outside the gate or at the door for my arrival. Be night or day. Somehow they're excited to see me, partly because of the food and also to be their company.

    From pests to pets.

    But if you loathe and hate them, there's one final solution: Get a dog. A Husky, German Shepherd, Jack Russel are natural predators. NO stupid cat will dare go inside your house.

    An askal works too if you're on a tight budget. Added security pa.

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    Aug 2003
    seryoso po kayo dun sa hot sauce? bubudburan lang po ung immediate area? kinda in the same predicament.

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    Aug 2003
    seryoso po kayo dun sa hot sauce? bubudburan lang po ung immediate area? kinda in the same predicament...hoping to avoid the airgun solution.

    *66bunny: dunno about the cats vs dogs thing. ung dati naming aso, kinaibigan ung pusa B)

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    Nov 2005
    Even with car cover cats still love to take a nap or worst make your warmed hood as their bedroom. Remember cats don’t just sleep anywhere low, they prefer height for safety. Mas delikdado dahil pag nadulas siya sa cover kapag nagulat, mas maraming gas-gas ang dulot.
    Since ginawa ng hang out ng grupo ng mga muning ang garahe mo, better to introduce a doggie.
    Cat’s no. 1 adversary.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by revorevo View Post
    ano po gagawin sa hot sauce?
    Sir... inumin mo ng diretso... tapos sigaw ng "Darna". J/K! :peace:

    Pour some hot sauce around your garage or in the suspected holes or crevices where cats will come out.

    Better yet, get an askal. In our new house, no cat would dare enter now after we bought our 2 askals over. Kawawa yung kuting na inabutan nila one time though, dapat kukunin ko na yung kuting para hindi na nila maabutan pero ambilis sunggaban (akala siguro daga - our dogs are very good rat hunters too). Ayun, dead on the spot.

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    Feb 2007
    sir pardon my ignorance. bakit takot mga pusa sa hotsauce? hehe

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    Jun 2006
    For evil and inhuman way of getting rid off cats, try:
    1. airgun or pellet gun :evillaugh
    2. radiator coolant :juice: this is potent poison and will kill animals and maybe even humans. Don't try this if you have pets or childern.
    3. dogs also work great :dog1:


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    Sep 2004

    You may find this link helpful:

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    Feb 2007
    thanks sa link sir. may tanong pa ako, pwede ba ispray ang cologne sa body ng car? hehe

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    Aug 2006
    i also had this problem nung pasko. siguro sobrang lamig sa labas cats began sneaking not just inside the garage but into the engine compartment of our 2nd gen CRV. nakakagulat na lang pag nag-start ka ng makina tapos may biglang malakas na "WRRREWWWRRR!!!" at kalabog sa makina. Buti na lang wala naman akong napatay na pusa. Pilay lang.

    a neighbor hooked us up with an askal pup a few days later and wala nang cat problem ever since.

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