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    Nov 2002
    guys, mali ba tong ginawa ko sa during flushing?

    1 I drained the radiator.
    2 Put water and flushing chemical.
    3 Run the engine for 20 minutes.
    4 Drain the radiator to remove the flushing chemical (ENGINE IS STILL HOT)
    5 When no more water coming out replace the radiator drain plug.

    I realized that maybe, I should have waited for the engine to cool down (mayber after 30 minutes) before I refill it with water! I thought baka mag-crack somewhere dahil mainit pa tapos nilagyan ng water...ano sa tingin nyo.


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    Oct 2002
    i've read na, leave the engine running while refilling it daw.

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    Jul 2003
    Tanong ko lang po, gano po kayo kadalas mag palit ng coolant?

    yung sa akin kasi mga mahigit one year na mula nung ipa 40K check ko sa casa. change fluid lahat including coolant...regular ko naman siya icheck at ok naman yung level sa reservoir at wala naman ako problem sa temperature (as per temp gauge)...

    at pano ba magandang way para linisin yung radiator in case na magpalit ako ng coolant?


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    Oct 2002
    We usually change our coolant once every 40k kms or 2 years. But some coolants extend this to about 4 years or 200k kms like Caltex Extended Life Coolant. By changing your coolant ay nalilinis na din po ang radiator. Mayroon ding pong mga radiator flush na available that can help.

    To change your coolant:

    1. Drain the old coolant from the radiator by removing the radiator drain plug. If the plug is stuck then remove the lower radiator hose and drain it from there. If your engine block has a drain plug then also remove it to drain the coolant from the engine block.

    2. After the initial drain replace the plugs and hoses. Then fill your radiator with tap water and run the engine for about 5 minutes. Then drain the radiator again. Repeat the process until the water draining out is already clear.

    3. Check your manual and look for the coolant capacity of your coling system.

    4. Since the fluid remaining in the cooling system is plain water, add only coolant to achieve a 50:50 mixture.

    5. Remember to also replace the coolant in the reservoir with 50:50 coolant and water mix.

    6. If you want to prevent precipitate formation which could lead to radiator cooling fin blockage use distilled water instead of tap water in procedure no. 2.

    Last edited by roydok; September 25th, 2003 at 03:03 PM.

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    Oct 2002
    For the worst case scenario na di na matanggal ang bara sa flushing ay radiator overhaul na ang kailangan. ;)

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    Dec 2002
    Some recommend engaging the heater, if the car has one, so that the coolant in the heater core is also changed. Avoid filling up the radiator too fast which prevents the air from escaping.

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    Jul 2003
    thanks kay sir roydok for a very clear procedure para sa mga tulad ko...

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    Nov 2002
    If u intend to go to service centers for a change coolant service, ask first the mechanic of his procedure, minsan kasi shortcut ang gagawin. Yung iba basta drain lang yung sa radiator, and lagay lang ng mga 1 liter coolant then tap water (which may be okay but far from the ideal 50:50-40:60...)

    Bale yung coolant na nasa engine block, di madi drain so di completely mapapalitan yung old coolant.

    Not all mechanics from service centers follow the right procedure as posted by <roydok>. If you will, better DIY na lang. Ideal yung distilled water ang gamitin.

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    Jan 2003
    yung kotse kasi ni misis pag uwi parati ring malapit na sa mag o overheat buti na lang umaabot sa bahay kailangan ko na rin kaya papalitan ng coolant kasi wala namang mga leak ang mga host ano kaya reason yung coolant dalawang taon ko na siguro napalitan. yung thermostat kaya kailangan ko na rin patingin. malamig na kasi dito sa amin fall na baka masiraan pa mahirap namaraming salamt mga tsikot people.

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    Oct 2002
    If you really want a really good flushing for your engine block and radiator, treat it to a LAVRAMON experience. Its a machine that is connected between the return hoses from your engine to the radiator. The machine is turned on and then a powerful turbulent stream flow is produced and recirculated throughout the whole cooling system. This is done for about 30 minutes. Your engine remains off. Tanggal talaga lahat ng rust and debris! I believe Mancor Caltex service station along E. Rodriguez has this machine.

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