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    Oct 2002
    Is it as clear as parang wala kang tint?

    Does it really keep the car as cool, if not cooler than super dark tints (3M)?

    Around how much?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Dec 2002
    I have it in the front windshield in my crv gen 1. Yes its clear parang walang tint. As my obeservation between my crv gen 2 and gen 1 parked under the sun. When I enter the car the gen 1 is cooler. The sides of the crv uses solar guard mahal kasi. The front windshied was quoted to be at P5k

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    Dec 2005
    i hope this site will help you. mahal sya, they go for $12-14 per square feet dito sa US. nilagay ko sa front windows ng oto kasi di masyadong halatado. it does its job of keeping the car cool during the summer.

    kung gusto mo ng alternative high-end tint, check out mo rin huper optik.

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    Sep 2004
    haven't seen any huperoptik locally though ...

    how bout rike cool? it's supposed to be as good (or slightly less) as vcool pero cheaper din sya (pero still more expensive than the usual tints).

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    Feb 2006
    Ok talaga V-cool, very clear = good for front. Pero kc mahal, pede na Solar Gard na dark sa sides & rear, halos the same na sa cooling.

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    Jan 2005
    Had V-Kool on my Civic cost me 15k, it really keeps the heat out. On my van, I just use the clear one on the windshield, costs me 6.5K. My thinking is this, I spend a bit more on my tint, but the cooling power is maximized, the aircon unit lasts longer and since the compressor doesn't work as hard, my fuel consumption improves a bit.

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    Oct 2002
    saan ba meron nito? our ride needs a replacement tint na...dami na gasgas sa loob dahil sa mga tsikiting...herherherher

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    Nov 2005
    had v-kool om my front windshield sa 00 fuego ko, and solar guard sa sides so (superblack). ok naman, very clear at night, but at my age, id rather still have all superblack... :-) hehe

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    Oct 2002
    Si boss Hens, all around V-Kool

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    Nov 2002
    dati sa crv ko v kool sa front solar guard sides and back, ok naman, compared to 3m mas ok yun, 2nd 3m=) 3m ako now all over sa rav4 ko magic malinaw din gamit ko so comparison is inevitable

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Anyone here have 'V Kool' tint?