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    Oct 2002
    You'll be pretty happy with a Cefiro IMO. I am. Easier on the pocket to maintain and dress-up as well when compared to a euro car.

    If you want a little more oomph out of the engine, try changing the intake, the stock intake of the Cefiro is restrictive. You also get better performance by shifting the manually between the gears (and letting the engine go to redline) if you have a matic model.

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    Oct 2002
    or try to grab the 3.0 V6 na nakakabit sa US Maxima/I30 hehe... ayus yun...

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    Nov 2002
    Those indicator lights of my friend's 850 GLT wagon come out for no reason. The light which says engine problem just went on, so we rushed it to Volvo Makati and the technician only found a false alarm. The next light that came on was the ABS, again another false alarm. Recently, the 'Service" light just went on and off.

    Volvo must not have placed those lights in the dashboard; they're simply useless. :evil:

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    Jun 2007
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    Oct 2005
    If going 850, i think the GLT or the T5 should be the way to go. Otherwise, IMO, i'll stick with the Cefiro. You'll see that the VQ engine is way smoother than the inline-5 of the Volvo and power is just about the same.

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