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    Apr 2013
    My family is planning to go to Cebu by the end of May.
    Can you suggest some places and some of your experiences in Cebu?
    Thank You!

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    Jun 2007
    try this:

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    Oct 2011
    ung shangri-la mactan cebu resort sir.

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    Feb 2011
    bro, tawid ka rin ng bohol para sulit vacation nyo, 2 hrs lang travel time to tagbilaran city by fast craft.

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    May 2004
    1st is city tour.. 2nd if you want to go to the beach nearest and one of the best is shangrila hotel 15 min from airport... whale sahrk watching sa oslob.. pag religious kayo pwede sa Simala 1 1/2 hour from Cebu, St. Pedro Calunsod Shrine 30 min from Cebu, Sto. Nino Church. Pag gusto ng water falls andyan ang Kawasan falls 3hours from Cebu City. Island hopping and swiming sa Mactan port meron mga for rent na bangka.

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    Oct 2011
    basta sa mactan ka lang, nandun mga resorts kung gusto niyo naman shopping tawid lang kayo tuloy pa mandaue.

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    Aug 2003
    Wasn't able to hit the beaches the last times i was there, but:

    1. Oslob whale watching -- downside is you have to get going by 3am for a 2-3hour road trip to catch the whales. While i was there i was wondering why it smelled pala alamang ang gamit nila pang akit ng butanting :D

    2. Talisay lechon "center" -- i know this is not the typical tourist site, but i'm always in awe of the lechon "army" there. Getting there is less of a hassle now gawa ng Talisay connector road. Interesting view of the coastline.

    3. Tops -- highest point in Cebu. i have mixed feelings recommending this because the road up is a bit dangerous...but the view at night is great. i think somewhere in that area you can get to eat japanese corn right on the street.

    4. Adventure cafe -- actually there's a number of them offering ziplines. Enjoy naman, but...let me put it this way: our voices went up a few octaves after we got off the line :D

    5. Conching's -- the place serves inihaw na native chicken. Somewhere behind SM Cebu.

    Kawasan falls... Haven't been there since my HS years, pero OK naman. road trip is something like 4 hours.
    If you are going there, dun po kayo sa pinakamataas na "pool" maligo, me mga tatlong pools kasi yan. Siyempre pa nasa lowest pool ka, lahat ng libag galing sa upper pools diyan papunta :D Me ilang pang sira ulong nagdadala ng sabon.

    Be careful at Kawasan though, there's a strong undercurrent sa mga pools. Some people believe it's "gitaw-an"(enchanted), and me namamatay diyan taon taon. ano punta pa kayo? :D

    As far as restaurants go:

    Giuseppe -- pizza, Italian cooking
    Tin Gau at Waterfront -- best chinese food, very consistent over the years. Quite pricey though
    Conching's - native chicken
    Nonki -- Japanese food
    BeeHive -- this is your typical hole-in-the-wall resto. Try their Peruvian steak.
    North Harbor/Dimsum Break -- Chinese fast food. We brought and ate some on the plan going back to Manila, inggit lahat ng tao sa amin
    Cafe Laguna, Chika-an -- filipino food. Not sure sa Cafe Laguna kung bukas, but try their Chicharon bulaklak
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    Oct 2009
    Huwag kayong kakain sa SHOTUKIL (Lapu-lapu shrine resto) .... Hindi worth ang cost!

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    Oct 2011
    sa June pupunta sa JMall si Sungha baka maabutan niyo dun.

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