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    Dec 2003

    I have a squeky clutch pedal. Normal pressing is ok, but pressing it slowly makes a squekkk. Its very annoying, kapag nag timpla ka or slowly starting from full stop.

    The clutch type is the fluid type not the cable type. I have sprayed oil already in the different parts, spring, shaft, etc. The sound seems to come from the firewall. I can't really see the cylinder master from inside since there is small plate and rubber, but its less than an inch from the cylinder master. Sprayed oil there too.

    I am tempted to remove the cylinder master pero baka its too premature for that.

    - Has anyone exprienced this before?
    - Is there a thread here that discusses this before?
    - Is this a sign that something is about to break in my clutch master?

    I recently flushed the fluid about 2 weeks ago. I think its unrelated, but maybe its something I don't know. Some fluid was accidentally poured but was quickly neutralized by water.

    My computer chair squekk sounds very similar, reminds me of my clutch pedal problem.

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    Jan 2003
    same problem with me pero cable type yung sa akin.

    sabi sa casa, cable daw problem. once ni lubricate yung cable, then pinalitan, nawala squeek pero termporary lang after a month balik uli sa dati.

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    Dec 2003
    weird nga eh kasi medyo konti lang naman ang mechanical parts ng fluid type. its similar to a squekky door. pag dahan dahan mo siya buksan tsaka maingay.

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    Oct 2002
    have you tried putting some oil on the pedal's hinge?

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    Mar 2004
    san banda yun sir??? sa loob ba ?

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    Dec 2003
    Yes I have tried to put oil on the hinges. The sound seems to be coming from the shaft the leads to the clutch master cylinder.

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    Dec 2003
    I removed the pedal from the shaft going to the clutch master cylinder. The sound is not definitely not with the pedals assembly as I pressed it slowly while not connected. I asked someone to press the clutch and I went to the hood. The sound and small vibration seems to come from the cylinder.

    Does this mean its a sign that the rubbers in the cylinder is already rubbing roughly? I should buy a cylinder master kit and preempt a potential problem? Mahirap kasi matagasan while on the road. Or its just nothing?

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    Mar 2003
    i have the same problem. It just happened to me this weekend.

    i also don't know what causes the sound. Hope someone could help us out.

    so far kumakagat naman yung gear, but pressing on the clutch doesn't feel normal anymore.

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    Dec 2003
    Mine seems to be ok for now. Pero still on a look out. I am not really sure if the grease I put really solved it since I was not able to pin point the cause of the problem. I put very small amount of silicon grease on the shaft leading to the clutch cylinder master. Also some grease on the lock pin that joins the shaft and the clutch pedal.

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    Oct 2003
    same the same problem, sqeuaky clutch pedal, i tried spraying on WD40 sa loob (meaning duns a pedal and hinges) pero ganun pa rin..well recently nagpa-check up kami sa casa sabi dun kailangan i O/H yung clutch assemble O/H im guessing this is overhaul? umm..its annoying, yes. but bearable naman...pero may fear ako na baka maputol or something yung clutch ko eh..

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squeky clutch pedal