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    Nov 2005
    Talaga bang mabagal ang Nissan Patrol 2002 Turbo A/T 4x2?

    Anu pa ba pwedeng gawin para ma-improve ang speed? CHange turbo?

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    wag ka po magalit, ha... pero kung nababagalan ka pala, why stay? and why matic ang kinuha mo?

    benta mo yan, may choices ka:
    1.get an m/t.
    2.palit ka to 4.8L gas!
    3.palit ka ng gen-older last model safari..
    4.bili ka ng LC100 na manual or yun v8


    palitan mo ng 2006-07 kia sorrento!

    seriously, anu pa pong hatak gusto po nyo? ok na yan..if you want more kick, palit ka to a sportscar or na smaller SUVs w/ big/powerful engines...

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    Oct 2002
    bakit mo nasabing mabagal? mababa ang top speed? or mahina umarangkada?

    the top speed of a GU Patrol diesel is around 170kph. sagad na yan, unless downhill ang daan, pwedeng tumaas pa ng konti.

    kung arangkada ang reklamo mo, well, it's a diesel carrying 3 tons of steel. hwag kang mag expect ng car like acceleration.

    AY, wala tayong 4.8li na gas engine patrol dito, 4.5li ang lumabas dito.

    and i've driven the LC100 diesel, mas mabagal pa ang acceleration nito compared sa diesel patrol.

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    Aug 2006
    you want it faster? look for an aftermarket chip for your ECU. But i dunno if there's one available for a Nissan Patrol locally. If indeed there's one, and you're willing to spend on it (believe me these things cost a finger or two), you'd let loose only a couple of horses.

    so my question to you is: why do you need to make your patrol faster?

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    Nov 2005
    Hindi naman sakin. Na-drive ko hina ng hatak compared to Pajero 4x4 m/t turbo.
    Change of vehicle is not an option. "How to improve" ang kailangan ko.. kasi wala akong maisuggest dahil wala naman ako alam sa mga suv.. Kahit siguro hatak ma-improve yun tipong maliksi.

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    Oct 2002
    there's an aftermarket chip for the patrol's ECU. i've driven one equipped with it and haven't noticed a significant increase in acceleration. it costs around 60K and it is being sold by Xenon-Bulbs.

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    opps my bad, 4.8L pala dubai "super safari" pala yun!

    forgot pala din ko ECU update...

    nga pala, maninibago ka talaga sa hatak kung sanay ka sa m/t, its a fact..

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    Oct 2002
    You can make it breath and exhale easier... check the exhaust and intake system if you can loosen it up a bit with an freer flowing intake and exhaust. The Patrol is really sluggish until the turbo picks-up due to the weight and the low displacement (vis-a-vis the LC and older Patrols which had huge 4.2L in-line sixes). Changing the turbo to increase the boost may increase the turbo lag and make it even more sluggish at lower rpm... you can look into a boost controller but you also have to check the parameters on how much more you can actually increase.

    I drove the a/t Patrol before and it's still quite okay once you put it through its paces on the road and get the timing right... it just has to keep staying in its power band to keep going well.

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    Nov 2005
    I drove it several times and tried to floor the gas pedal and yet i'm not moving fast. Oh well.

    CHange of vehicle and engine of course is not necessary/practical. Im looking for ways to improve it so that I can suggest that to the owner.

    I've already thought of replacing free flow filter but haven't seen an aftermarket yet. Btw, the turbo is garret (embossed), is it also the same model or an alternative option for custom-fitted turbo in Civics?

    San ba galing na auto yung mga custom-fitted turbo?

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    Oct 2002
    the patrol is drive-by-wire, so flooring the acelerator pedal is useless because it is the ECU that controls the acceleration.

    just stay away from oil type air filters as this will damage the MAF sensor.

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