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    Jun 2006
    have the clutch cable members checked then or yung clutch pedal mismo.

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    Jan 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by cmcaro22 View Post
    yung pong case na matagal ka ng tumatakbo then pag nagfull stop ka, mahirap ipasok sa first gear and pag magrereverse ka naman eh ang ingay ng makina? Can you consider it clutch sliding?
    Ewan ko yung first gear problem, could be a lot of things. But the noisy whirring sound while going in reverse is supposed to be normal. See

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    May 2007
    How do u fix the clutch slipping/sliding? Is it just by some adjustments in the clutch mechanism or replacement na talaga ng something? How much will it cost to fix this problem (range)?

    Sama ko na rin, ung "free play" ng clutch pedal, pano ba inaayos un? Normal lang ba na may free play ang clutch pedal or zero talaga dapat. Free play, I mean, ung movement ng clutch pedal na useless naman or hindi talaga nagc-clutch.

    Hope to hear from you guys! I'm eager to learn more.

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    Nov 2003
    fix it by replacing the clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing.

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    May 2006
    hi, sa case ko, medyo matigas ang pag-apak sa clutch.... But pumapasok naman all gear changes...

    I haven't tried any remedies yet but several mechanics have several opinions..

    A mechanic had my car handbreak up, then had it on 1st gear, released the clutch without stepping on the accelator, tumatakbo ang unit ko, kaya sabi nila clutch disc sliding daw..

    sabi either

    1. Bleed lang daw...
    2. Clutch finger ang sira
    3. Clutch disc or pressure plate sira...

    Either way, mukhang lalaki ang gastos ko.. hehehe

    Any other ideas why matigas ang clutch ko?

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    Apr 2006
    ano ba magiging issues when using a vehicle with a sliding clutch aside of course yung mabagal mag-accelerate?

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    Nov 2003
    pwede mo rin sirain the flywheel mo which will necessitate refacing it.

    pwede ka rin itirik pag sobrang ubos na.

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    Nov 2007
    evident ito pag mainit na ang clutch mo lalo pag umaakyat. mataas ang rpm pero di umaandar or mabagal ang takbo...

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    Mar 2008
    I have my own question po. I'm being sold a Toyota Hilux 2002. However, the seller says that the clutch is slipping. He had it checked already suposedly and it needs a replacement transmission valve body. Are what he told me credible, and how much should I prepare kaya for repairs? I asked Toyota about it already. I cannot bring the unit to them given that the transmission has been taken down. That given, they said that it could range from a 10k part replacement to something like a 90k overhaul. Paano kaya?

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    Nov 2003
    don't buy it na imo.

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clutch sliding!!!