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    US says RP not doing enough to curb human trafficking

    First posted 05:35pm (Mla time) Nov 09, 2005
    Agence France-Presse

    THE PHILIPPINES is not doing enough to curb human trafficking with no one so far prosecuted for the crime, a US official said Wednesday.

    US embassy deputy chief of mission Scott Bellard said the lack of prosecutions was a major factor in the State Department's decision to retain the Philippines in tier two of its watchlist in its annual "Trafficking in Persons Report."

    "We need to see more progress in prosecution and convictions this year to avoid a downgrade to tier three next year," Bellard said during a police workshop on preventing the crime.

    He noted that the Philippines in 2003 passed a law penalizing human trafficking and called on authorities to "aggressively pursue prosecutions" and obtain timely convictions.

    In the report the Philippines was cited as a source, transit point and destination for trafficked women, men and children.

    Others in the same tier of the watchlist are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belize, Cameroon, China, the Dominican Republic, Gambia, Greece, Haiti, India, Mauritius, Mexico, Nicaragua, Niger, Russia, Rwanda, Sierre Leone, South Africa, Surinam, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe.

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    Eh hindi nga natin ma solve traffic sa EDSA curb pa human trafficking.

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    dont feel bad, hindi lang naman pala Phils ang nasa watchlist And for what Isuzoom has mentioned, you shouldnt have too much expectations. Not to mention, Phils is on a watchlist for terrorists activity as well.

    But look on the bright side, Phils is still far better than Africa ;)

US says RP not doing enough to curb human trafficking