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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by dieselNUBI

    before at, there was a subject regarding violations and their equivalent penalty... can somebody post them here?....
    may kopya ung classmate ko nyan...
    try ko post ng monday or tuesday....

    ung classmate ko nahuli obstruction...150 ung fine na nakalagay dun sa list...

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    Oct 2002
    meron sa drivers "MUST HANDBOOK" andun nakasulat lahat ng TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS. You can go to NATIONAL Bookstore you can find that book, katabi yan ng mga MAPS and driving books. YOu can browse there, so you'll know how much to expect for payment claim.

    It's good to have that book on your car may maps(including streets of M.Mla.), LTO's etc. like how to change ownership, change color, traffic violations, how to drive safely, first aids, restauraunts, gasoline stations, Emergence hotline nos., MOTOR SHOPS, CASA's ah basta its a MUST HANDBOOK. I have one nasa car pa eh.

    hope this helps.

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    Oct 2002
    magkano po siya si palerider? MUST HANDBOOK po ba ung titke nung book?

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    Oct 2002
    1. Driving without license P 750.00 Driver
    2. Driving with delinquent, invalid. suspended, ineffectual, revoked or improper license 300.00 Driver
    3. Failure to show or surrender driverís license for cause upon due demand by person with authority to confiscate 150.00 Driver
    Failure to carry driverís license when Operating motor vehicle. 150.00 Driver
    Failure to sign driverís license 150.00 Driver
    4. Driving while under the influence of Liquor or prohibited drug- For the 2nd offense, 1 year Suspension in addition to the fine- subsequent violation shall cause the Revocation of driverís license 2000.00 Driver
    5. Allowing an unlicensed/improperly licensed person to drive MV. 750.00 Owner/Operator
    6. Possession and use of fake driverís license. If the driver has been issued an authentic license, the same shall be confiscated and suspended for 6 months in addition to the fine.If the driver has not been issued an authentic license, he shall not be qualified to secure driverís license for a period of six (6) months in addition to the fine. 1500.00 Driver
    7. Allowing another person to use his driverís license Ė confiscation and suspension for one (1) month. 500.00 Driver
    8. Use and involvement of MV by the driver in the commission of a crime-in case of court conviction, automatic revocation of driverís license. 1500.00 Driver
    9. Student Driver operating a MV without being accompanied by a licensed driver. 200.00 Student
    B. VIOLATIONS IN CONNECTION WITH REGISTRATION 11. Operating a MV which is unregistered/improperly registered delinquent or with invalid registration. If driver is also the Owner, MV shall be impounded until Properly registered 450.00 each900.00 Driver/Owner
    12. Operating MV with unregistered substitute or replacement engine, engine block or chassis, change color, change body or configuration. In addition, MV shall be properly impounded until such parts are properly registered. 500.00 Owner
    13. Failure to carry in the MV the Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) (original or Photocopies) 150.00 Owner
    14. Operating/allowing the operation of MV with a suspended/revoked CR, MV shall be impounded or its plates held during period of suspension/Revocation. 450.00
    15. Tourist Operating a non-Philippine registered MV beyond 90 day period of his sojourn. Such MV shall not be allowed to operate until properly registered. 1500.00 Tourist
    C. VIOLATIONS IN CONNECTION WITH NUMBER PLATES AND STICKERS 16. MV number plates not firmly attached and visible. Dirty or uncared for platesInconspicuously displaced plates in front and rear. NO STICKER showing current Registration. 150.00 Driver
    17. License plates different from body Operator number on Public Utility Vehicle. 450.00 Owner
    18. Improper display of MV plates by owner (permanent) plates to accommodate a better display of commemorative/other plates. 500.00 Owner
    19. Display of expired commemorative/other plates 200.00 Owner
    20. Tampered/Marked plates/stickers 300.00 Owner
    21. a. Illegal transfer and use of MV plates/tags or stickers from one MV to another except security plates on authorized vehicle. Owner/Operator are conclusively presumed to have caused or permit such illegal transfer and liable to fine. Driver of MV involved in illegal transfer of plates shall be penalized by suspension of driverís license for one month. 7500.00 Owner
    b. If MV is used and involved in commission of a crime, penalty is imposed and the motor vehicle is impounded. 10000.00 Driver/Owner
    D. VIOLATIONS RELATIVE TO EQUIPMENT, PARTS, ACCESSORIES, DEVICES, AND MARKING OF MOTOR VEHICLE 22. Operating MV with metallic tires in any public highway, defective brakes, improper/defective horn or signaling device, unnecessary lights visible in front of vehicle, without/defective headlights/taillights, without red rear lights at both/each, side visible at least 100m. from vehicle, without plate light, without opening brake lights, without/defective wiper on the windshield, without cut/disconnected muffler. 150.00 Driver
    23. Dirty/unsightly or dilapidated MV. In addition, confiscation of plates until defects are corrected. 150.00 Owner/Operator
    24. Failure to paint or improper painting of authorized route or painting of unauthorized route of PUJ 375.00 Owner/Operator
    25. Non-painting of business or trade name. Confiscation of plates until defects are corrected. 150.00 Owner
    26. a. Use of unauthorized improvised platesb. Use of improvised plates to make MV appear as for hire. 150.00 1500.00 Owner
    27. A fine imposed upon owner/operatorof MV operated for hire:a. Dirty and/or unsanitary defective unitb. Without/defective hand brakesc. Without or defective speedometer or tachometerd. Defective or broken windshielde. Without or defective windshield wiperf. Without rear view mirrorg. Without interior light 150.00 Owner/Operator
    28. Without name or business name and address inscribed on both sides of MV used for public services. Confiscation of plates until proper markings are made. 150.00 Owner/Operator
    29. Without spare tire 150.00 Owner/Operator
    30. Unauthorized bell sirens or exhausts whistle on emergency. Said gadgets shall be confiscated. 150.00 Owner/Operator
    31. Without red flag or red lights on projecting end of load extending more than a meter beyond the bed or body and in the evening, red lights visible at least 50 meters away. 150.00 Driver
    32. Failure to paint appropriate body number on a MV for hire on both sides. 375.00 Owner/Operator
    33. a. Failure to carry EWD 100.00 Driver
    b. Failure to install EWD 4 meters away to the front and rear of the stalled/disabled MV. 300.00 Driver
    34. Without capacity markings 150.00 Owner/Operator
    35. No safety belt -Failure to wear safety belt while operating motor vehicle or while riding on front passenger seat 1000.00 300.00 Owner/Operator
    36. Without permanent tail gauge or failure to put ďNOT FOR HIREĒ sign in a private jeepney/jitney. 300.00 Owner
    37. Load extending beyond projected width without permit 200.00 Driver
    38. Overloading, the driver shall be fined:a. Operating MV with wheel axle, or axle group loads in excess of the limits in Sec. 9, RA 4136 or any regulation without permit.b. Operating MV with total weight of cargo carrying device on passenger truck including cargo exceeding 100 kilos. c. Allowing more passengers and/or more freight or cargo in his vehicle more than the registered carrying capacity (If PUV, imposed upon Conductor)d. Baggage or freight carried on top of truck exceeds 20 kilos per sq. meter and not distributed in such a manner as not to endanger the passenger or stability of the truck. 150.00 150.00 Driver Driver/Conductor
    F. FRAUDS AND FALSITIES 39. Use of invalid/ delinquent/ suspended/ revoked/ fake license, identification card or permit. 1000.00 to 3000.00 Driver
    40. Fake CR, OR, plates, tags or stickers/spurious documents 1000.00 to 3000.00 Owner/Operator
    41. Misrepresenting a copy of a document before the Traffic Adjudication Service 1000.00 Owner/Operator/Driver
    G. PARKING AND VIOLATIONS OF DRIVERS 42. Prohibited Parking on any of the following places:- within an intersection - on a crosswalk - within 5 m. of the intersection of the intersection of curb lines - within 4 m. of the driveway entrance to any fire station - within 4 m. of a fire hydrant - in front of a private highway- on the roadway side of any unmoving or parked at the curb or edge of the highway - at any place where official signs of prohibition have been erected - allowing passenger on top or cover of vehicle - permitting passenger to ride on running board, step board ormudguard of MV while it is in motion - disregarding traffic signs - failure to use helmet while driving/riding a motorcycle 150.00 Driver
    43. Reckless Driving - 1st Offense - 2nd Offense and suspension of Driverís License- 3rd Offense and revocation of Driverís License 150.00 750.00 1000.00 Driver
    44. Arrogance or Discourtesy 150.00 Driver
    45. Failure to dim headlights 150.00 Driver
    46. Driving in slippers or sleeveless shirt 100.00 Driver
    47. Imposed upon the driver of a motor vehicle a fine of:- driving in a place not for traffic or parking in a place not for parking- failure to give way to police or fire department vehicle or ambulance- hitching or permitting a person on a bicycle or skate roller to hitch to the vehicle 100.00 Driver
    H. TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS 48. Illegal turn 150.00 Driver
    49. Driving against traffic/counterflow 2000.00 Driver
    50. Illegal overtaking 150.00 Driver
    51. Overtaking at an unsafe distance 150.00 Driver
    52. Cutting an overtaken vehicle 150.00 Driver
    53. Failure to give way to an overtaking vehicle 150.00 Driver
    54. Increasing speed when being overtaken 150.00 Driver
    55. Overtaking when left side is not visible or clear 150.00 Driver
    56. Overtaking on a crest or grade 150.00 Driver
    57. Overtaking on a curve 150.00 Driver
    58. Overtaking at a railway grade crossing 150.00 Driver
    59.Overtaking on an intersection 150.00 Driver
    60. Overtaking between "Men Working" or "Caution" signs 150.00 Driver
    61. Failure to yield to the right of way 150.00 Driver
    62. Failure to come to a complete stop on through street 150.00 Driver
    63.Failure to come to a complete stop at a stop intersection 150.00 Driver
    64. Failure to give proper turn/stop signals 150.00 Driver
    65. Illegal right turn 150.00 Driver
    66. Illegal left turn 150.00 Driver
    67. Failure to stop motor vehicle and apply handbrake when unattended 150.00 Driver
    68. Obstruction to traffic 150.00 Driver

    Hope this helps! :twisted:

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    Oct 2002
    thanks sir rav....hehe...nabasa ko ung drivin w/o license...naalala ko malapit na pala mag expire ung extension ng license ko...papa renew na naman ako....hehe

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    Oct 2002
    swerte ka pa kung obstruction lang violation mo.
    kasi kung counter flow yan di lang mahal ang penalty may suspension pa kasama
    plus seminar pa siguro. imo, i-contest mo na lang.
    happened to me 3 years ago.

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    Sep 2005
    hmm. iba pa pala driving without license and failure to carry license. P150 lang pala dapat yung violation ko. binigyan ko pa ng 200 yung mmda. badtrip

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    Jan 2005
    ayus! makapag-print out na nga nito at ilagay sa tsikot.

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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ravrx

    46. Driving in slippers or sleeveless shirt 100.00 Driver

    buti na lang, nabasa ko to, or else aresto ako araw-araw dyan.

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    Dec 2005
    Anong masama sa naka tsinelas? Labo. Ngayon ko lang nalaman ito ah.

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