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    "New" cars meaning?

    Medyo kulang ang info sa article na yan.

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    This doesn't mean that stenciling is long gone, however—various transactions still require it. These include the registration and renewal of for-hire vehicles, rebuilt or assembled vehicles, and secondhand imported vehicles, as well as ownership transfer. (Oh, and recovered stolen vehicles too).
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    Yung huling registration ko (Sorento 2014 at Mazda 2 2015) last March at August, di na ini-stencil yung engine number. Unless daw nagbago ako ng makina, yung body number lang ang kinaskas.

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    Does this mean that they would also do away with that long form where the stencil done? That's a lot of paper less sitting on their filing cabinets.

    Useless naman yung no stencil if they still require the form, yung "stenciler" na rin kasi gumagawa nito.

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    Last Friday nagrenew ako rehistro nung oto ko after the initial 3 year registration. Sabi hindi na nga kelangan stencil for regular renewals, pero since kelangan pa mag "insert plate" nung akin sa database nila, inistencil pa rin yung akin.
    Naisip ko nga pano kaya kung nangapa nalang ako ng libreng plate combination na preferred ko, hindi naman kasi nila kinwestyon yung nilagay ko'ng plate # na tinext lang sakin ng SA ko. Hehe.

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    ok na rin ito, less hazzle sa same owner every registration.

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    sabi for new cars only?? pag renewal after 3 years?? may stencil pa din?

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    Renewed my car for the second time after the 3years lto registration... TPL insurance still need the chassis and engine number... also, pwede two months advance since march 1st week pa yung sa akin dapat...

    Emmision testing-450
    TPL - 900 (sa o.r 1,295 nakalagay)
    LTO - 2,056 (sa o.r 1,829 nakalagay)
    LTO break down:
    Sticker - 50 (not sure if mabibigyan)
    Legal res. Fund - 10
    Comp. Fee - 169

    Ewan ko san yung 227 na punta...

    Total cost: 3,406

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    Jan 2013
    May sticker pa ba na binibigay? Di ba wala na dinidikit sa plaka ngayon? In lieu of that Eh RFID na sa windshield ang kabit?

    Please correct if mistaken.

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New cars no longer need stenciling upon LTO registration, renewal