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    Jan 2005
    Here in Ohio, you can use it for 6 months.

    Quote Originally Posted by bluntman
    Just remember, the horn has a different meaning over here. :D
    My friends told me not to use the horn much. Ano ba ibig sabihin nito dito?

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Josh0027
    Here in Ohio, you can use it for 6 months.

    My friends told me not to use the horn much. Ano ba ibig sabihin nito dito?
    Unless your in an emergency, don't use it. Other than that, it's an insult to them. Dito lamang naman sa pinas mahilig mag-honk.

    It's mannerism more than driving necessity. Puna ko lang.

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    Jun 2004
    I rented a car in Fort Lauderdale, presented them with my Philippine Driver's License and a Visa Debit Card, and paid all the insurance charges.

    The 1st night I had the car, I left it overnight in a parking area where spaces had names of people who were allowed there during the day. I asked permission from the guard on duty there, kung OK lang makiparada ng O/N. Ok naman daw...

    Kinabukasan, may tiket sa windshield ko. (e kasi daw, pasado alas-9 na at yung mga kailangan mag-park dun ay dumating na)

    The following night, at around 5:30pm, an SUV slammed into my rt side while crossing an intersection. I was already halfway through the intersection. Halos pumasok na nga yung nguso sa kabila e. Napakabilis ng takbo nung SUV na bumangga sa akin, that the car was thrown to the sidewalk on the other side of the road.

    I came out of the car after the airbag subsided and after taking off the seatbelt. (yanig ang mundo ko!) Yung katabi ko sa front seat, nawalan ng ulirat, at siempre,kinabahan ako, dahil may kaunting dugo sya sa noo. Buti na lang at nung subukan kong gisingin ay ok naman. (pareho kaming bugbog siempre)

    Nabigyan ako ng tiket, after the hospital procedures. Kasi daw, di ako dapat tumawid ng intersection...(kasalanan ko pa pala?)

    Mga bossing na nasa US....(i.e.Karding, Doc Diesel, Airshaq20 and other tsikoteers out der) OK lang ba ni di ko binayaran yung mga penalties na yun?

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    Oct 2002
    pparado, dumaan ka pala dito sa neyborhood ko di ka naman nagpakita

    regarding your parking ticket, the person to whom the car is registered (the rental company) will receive the ticket in the mail. since they have your debit card number, they will probably bill you automatically for the amount of the fine. or maybe they will just pay it. this happened to me last time i was in Cali (damn i forgot all about street cleaning!)...i told Enterprise i got a ticket, paid them the amount of the fine, and they gave me a release form saying they will pay and i am absolved of all responsibility.

    the moving violation is more serious. bakit ba daw ikaw ang may kasalanan? did you go through a red light or stop sign? kasi, i know that if you don't pay the fine for a moving violation a warrant for your arrest will eventually be issued, if you hold a US DL. since you don't have a US DL, and are not in the country any longer, i don't know what they'll do. but you might have problems reentering the country and/or if you get another traffic stop while you're here. again, just to be clear, this is just what i'm thinking and is not a fact.

    the other thing is, pano yung naaksidente mo? since according to your account they found you legally at fault, you (or your car's insurance) are responsible for the other person's repair bill and injuries...binayaran ba ng insurance ng rental company?

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    Jun 2004

    (iwan mo phone mo para tawagan kita next time na mapunta ulit ako dyan.)

    Enterprise ko din ni-rent yung kotse e! Actually, after my friend and I spent a night in a motel rt after the crash, bumalik ako sa rent a car office. (sabi kasi sa akin, with thei nsurance that I paid, I can walk back there with just the steering wheel, and pay nothing) I actually went there with just the keys! (hahahahahha) AND...they offered me a car for the remainder of the time I rented the 1st one!

    Bilib ako dun!

    Well, there was a stop sign nga sa intersection. Nag-full stop naman ako e. Tapos, yun ngang pasahero ko ang nagsabing: "oh" sabay ...BLANG! ayun na!

    When my debit card was charged later on, wala namang ibang charges apart from the car rental.

    Funny: yung nakabangga sa akin, ay rental din ng Enterprise! Ibang branch nga lang. Yung driver nung SUV, lumabas na naka-stretcher. Ako, groggy, andd bugbog ang right leg ko. I bet the insurance was also paid for.
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    Jan 2005
    I agree with M54. Also, if you will be moving here as an immigrant, you will be filing a form and one of the questions there says:

    "Have you ever, in or outside the US, been arrested, cited, charged, fined or imprisoned for breaking or violating any law or city ordinance?"

    Although, its "just" a traffic violation - if you ignored your accident and you were sued, you will have problems re-entering the US (or even getting any kind of visa here. You may lie when you fill the form, but if you get caught, its gonna be your last trip here.

    To Pparado, El Chicane and Yebo: big coincidence naman at you all had traffic violation tickets and/or accidents - did you guys paid your tickets/fines?

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    Mar 2005
    Di na ba depende sa VISA?? Dati, kapag non resident VISA, you can use the Phil driver's license but if you have a resident or working VISA (non tourist or B1/B2) eh 10 days lang....

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    Jan 2003
    Per my experience, PDL is not honored in the state of VA. i figured in a fender bender when i was driving there. Initially, i presented my PDL, the traffic officer ask for my IDP instead, it's good i acquired one before going to the US. Although most US states honor the PDL, its safer to have a IDP.

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    May 2005
    i've always used my Phil DL .. never naman ako nasita .. i never did get a US DL kasi wala naman ako talagang address na maibibigay doon .. if you're less than 25 .. sobrang daming charges ang ipapataw sa iyo ng rental company .. laking insurance risk daw kasi ..

    conz: i had no problem using my PDL in VA .. baka na-tsambahan ka lang ng hyper-OC na traffic enforcer .. hehe
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    Jan 2004
    It varies from state to state. Check the state DMV website of the state you are visiting. According to the CA DMV handbook and the guy who works at the Santa Clara DMV who just happens to be Pinoy, if you are a VISITOR, you can use your Phil issued license (or any US state license) as long as it is valid in the place of issue, meaning hindi expired. If you are LIVING in CA (whether as an alien or permanent resident) you are encouraged to get a CA-issued driver's license. ( Not all foreign licenses are honored, mind you. Licenses issued by India are not.

    There was this one state I checked out, I think you can drive for 30 days. Nakalimutan ko na lang kung Texas or Florida, sorry.

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