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    Jan 2003
    ...wala pa rin tubig!!!

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    Apr 2004
    my two cents: kung sa akin lang, open the roads to decongest traffic ala friendship route.

    but if the residents won't allow that, ok lang. they live there eh. pero sana babaan naman nila yung bayad sa sticker. P750!! grabe mahal. sabi nila for repair of the roads daw kasi dinadaan ng mga trucks. pero yung ibang nakatira dyan sabi sa akin wala naman silang nakikitang road repair ever. so ano yun? san napupunta yung pera?

    sana pagusapan na lang ng president at residents yan. problema pride at pansariling interes lang ang pinapairal. yung sinabng inalis yung traffic light tapos blame the mayor, grabe naman yun kung totoo nga.

    may nagsabi sa akin na yung celso reyes, di naman daw nakatira yan sa BF. how true?

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    Jul 2003
    lagyan ng flyover sa taas ng BF homes nalang hehee joke lang... ang hirap ng issue

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by pissword
    lagyan ng flyover sa taas ng BF homes nalang hehee

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    Jun 2005
    I am not too familiar with the actual situation in BF but here's something I read (Tony Lopez, Manila Times):

    Those of you currently managing or planning to manage a village association will do well to look into the case of the United BF Homeowners Association Inc. (UBFHAI).

    It seems a tyranny has settled itself inside BF Homes, Asia’s largest subdivision. The name of the tyrant is a certain Celso Reyes, the president of the UBFHAI in 1991, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and at present.

    Under his presidency, no service or delivery vehicle could enter the sprawling BF subdivision without paying an exorbitant fee. Even if you are a homeowner and you don’t have the UBFHAI sticker, the subdivision guards won’t allow you to go to your own home. That’s one of the worst violations of human rights and property rights you can imagine. On holidays, a homeowner cannot accept deliveries of say construction materials, furniture and supplies because UBFHAI doesn’t work on holidays. That’s how intrusive and impertinent the association has become to the lives of BF Homes residents. The regional trial court and the Housing and Urban Use Regulatory Board have repeatedly told UBFHAI to stop collecting such fees at the gate.

    In late August, BF residents experienced the worst traffic inside their subdivision. The mayors of two cities, Parañaque and Las Piñas, backed by two old ordinances, decided to open BF Homes’ main streets of Aguirre, Elizalde and Concha Cruz (in Las Piñas side) to ease traffic in Sucat and Alabang highways. BF Homes straddles these two main roads. Coming from Alabang, the best and fastest route to Sucat and vice versa is by through BF Homes. To do that, a motorist must pay fee to UBFHAI.

    The association’s guards are not at all courteous; they are haughty. They bother to salute residents. Yet during December, they go around panhandling.

    What does Celso Reyes do in response to the opening of the main streets? He disabled the traffic lights inside BF Homes. And he set up rear guard checkpoints a few meters away from the main gates at Elizalde, Aguirre and Concha Cruz. You could enter the main gates but cannot enter the inner portions of the subdivision. Naturally, traffic built up from gate to gate, from city to city. It was Celso Reyes’ naked display of power.

    UBFHAI reports only P25.5 million revenues but flyers distributed by subdivision residents claim the association could be earning as much as P120 million a year.

    Lending credence to this theory, according to flyers distributed inside BF last week is an investigative report by concerned BF homeowners Oskar Salud on May 14, 2000, that the Southville International School alone paid P374,000 as "Community Development Fund" to the UBFHAI in the 52-day period from April 24 to June 15, 1999.

    How many schools are there in BF Homes, and how many 52-day periods in a year? And what about the around 100 water-delivery trucks paying P18,000 each per year? The eight-wheeler fuel tankers paying P6,000 each entry? The other delivery vehicles paying entry fees? The construction bonds paid by BF homeowners repairing their homes-bonds ranging from P10,000 to P200,000 which are almost never refunded because UBFHAI always manages to discover a "violation?"

    And the 40,000 nonresident stickers sold at P750 each, giving UBFHAI P30 million in revenue—and the BF homeowners 40,000 more vehicles to add to their traffic congestion problem without being challenged by village guards.

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    Oct 2002
    Last weekend, I noticed the "now-you-see-them, now-you-dont" security guards of BF.

    Sana gawan nila ng parang "color-coding system" yung entrance & security.

    6AM - 8PM = Las Pinas And Paranaque Cities will man the gates, provide security along the open routes and allow non- residents to pass through.

    8PM - 6AM = UBFHAI will take-over the gates & security and allow entry to vehicles with stickers or those who will leave their IDs.

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by BOSERO
    I agree with all you said but I think what you said about opening the gates but charging for stickers is a contridiction. First of all, when you open the gates to the public why charge them for stickers? What do you mean by this? As it is, without opening the gates, outsiders can get stickers that will enable them to pass through (non-resident stickers). I like the idea of still keeping the village a private village and people who want to pass through can purchase non-resident stickers. In other words, status quo. We both have the same views on issueing stickers for people to be able to pass thru. People who refuse to pay for the stickers can and should go around.
    tama ka, I stand corrected. I was just trying to recall a televised interview of Bernabe sa IBC13 a week before he opened the gates, may sinabi kasi siya to that effect e. Anyway, di ko rin gusto itong pamamalakad ni celso reyes dati pa as evidenced by the article above. tinawagan ko mismo ung security office ng bf nung day na un, di makasagot sakin ung kausap ko. "no comment" daw sila.

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    Sep 2003
    I agree with some points (but with some comments) that Celso Reyes is making such as:

    1) Keep the gates closed to the public. Public can pass thru as long as they pay for the stickers.

    2) BF can charge whatever price they want for stickers. This is their prerogative. People can choose not to buy these stickers. Problem is that the money made from sticker sales is not declared or used properly for the benefit of BF homeownes.

    3) If this money made by BF association was used to solve the water problem, I am sure it will be solved. That's 30M a year (assume only 5 years of collection, thats 150M)! I am sure that BF can afford to solve the water problem.

    4) I agree that BF charges and has protocols for BF deliveries. But I hate the fact that the people in charge of this process take a break at 11am and are back by 1pm on regular days. This means that the "whole world" stops while they are having lunch. Poor delivery guys. They cannot do their work and have to wait for these people. Delivery schedules are messed up. This is a good rule but implemented in the most mindless way I have ever seen. Imagine if a mall closed down for lunch! Some people are really down right plain stupid (C.R.)! Service is about serving the customers all the time (not only when it is convenient). BF Association is there to make homeowners lives easier, not harder!

    5) I agree that BF has to have security. But having layers and layers of it is too much. BF is making 30M from stickers alone. I think this is enough to pay for one kick ass secutiry agency that can take care of the whole village. Why does BF have those little associations pa with their own security, rules, fees, etc. etc.? This only adds extra costs and processes for the Homeowners. Residents have to get 2 stickers. One of main gate. One for their little association. Residents have to get 2 permits for everything (building, delivery, renovation, etc. etc. etc.). One from main association. One from smaller association. 2 association dues too. I think having an association is vital. But having 2 associations is redundant.

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    Sep 2003
    Just last weekend. Aguire Cor. Elizalde BF Homes. Around 4pm.

    I saw a civilian jump out from a vehicle and approach a delivery van in BF. I do not know what the problem was of who was at fault but THERE WAS a problem. The problem was hopefully big enough to justify the actions of the civilian. The civilian was pointing a gun at the delivery van driver and was shouting at him. I could not really hear what it was all about because I was just in the car and the car was moving away from the scene as the traffic was moving too. The civilian was a young (30yrs old plus) guy. He kept on pulling out his gun and putting it back in his clutch bag.

    I don't think that the civilian should have pulled out a gun. Much more point it at the driver. It was just a traffic or road problem that was not life threatening so I don't think the gun was called for.

    I don't know if this traffic problem was caused by the opening of the gates. I don't know if the civilian was hot headed because of the traffic in the village.

    All I know is that there is traffic in the village and that there are hot headed people with guns in the village.

    Maybe I should buy a gun too. Hahahaha!

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    May 2005
    well .. the civilian might not be from the village as well ..

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