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    Quote Originally Posted by bananatype View Post
    But yes, people will see you as very cool eco-hip guy, albeit limited to within 60 kms. of a charging station. Charging station, you say? Aha, another problem! And we haven't even gotten to the issue of range-anxiety yet. It's not looking good for plug-in electric either...
    Ah! .... range anxiety is bad enough with electric car in developed countries. Here in the Philippines, the hot climate will force drivers to use their car's airconditioners and that will dramatically reduce an electric car's driving range. No problem if you live in a cool or cold climate but in hot tropics, aircon is almost a requirement.

    You can expect an EV's theoretical range of 100km to drop to half or even less in local realistic driving conditions. That leaves 40 to 50km driving range left. That means a maximum driving radius of only 20 to 25km. How many people can easily do 20 km in a day?

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    Sorry OT, but someone mentioned Euro4 implementation. Jan 1, 2016 is the magic date for brand new cars, but Euro4 fuel should be widely available by end of 2014 when Petron completes its local refinery upgrade. Petron supplies base stock to other players...won't be too long now.

    By the way, isn't it ironic that people load Euro2 fuel in their eco-hip hybrids?

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