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    Oct 2002
    Pa executive checkup si kingkong tugade. Tapos pag meron siyang kahit isang bagsak like mataas cholesterol dapat hinde na siya lumabas ng bahay dahil hinde na siya safe sa society.

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    Sa mga follower ni deakin bakit hinde yata siya nakikita epal dito sa issue? Or meron na ba siya sinabi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 17Sphynx17 View Post
    Correct me if I am wrong, pero diba as long as yung LTO Office kung san ka magrenew is hindi pa "MVIC required", pwede pa yung dating method?
    Meron pang mga LTO EOs / DOs na hindi pa MVIS, pwede padin PETC. Pero eventually, all of their offices will migrate to MVIS.


    Anyway, that WTF 655.2 dB, "Side B":

    Here's the PMVIC side behind Land Cruiser's 650+ decibel test
    AutoIndustriya, Five S PMVIC
    January 22, 2021 16:47

    There is actually a group of PMVICs called the Vehicle Inspection Center Association Philippines or VICOAP; no, there is no connection to the popular mayor. In this group, they talk about issues and the implementation of the MVIS by the LTO.

    Specifically, they check on each other to share best practices in this new industry and to discuss potential problems that could affect PMVICs as a whole. And as you can expect, many of the other PMVICs are up in arms over this issue that broke out yesterday.

    The PMVIC in question is the one based in Cabanatuan City: Five S Inspection Center, Incorporated. In the wake of the issue and the prodding of many of the VICOAP members, we got an explanation and a copy of the retest.
    According to our source, the claim is that during the test, there was a "misreading" which they say can happen in certain circumstances. There are no exact specifics as to what happened that affected the reading, but what the PMVIC in question did do was that they retested the Land Cruiser right away.

    In the retest (which was free of charge), the vehicle passed.

    The PMVIC reported that the case was an isolated one and that they had reported the incident to the machine provider. There was concern over the manner in which the supposed failed MVISR was published on social media.

    The test center also forwarded the retest of the Land Cruiser in question which happened soon after the erroneous 650+ decibel result. The retest showed that it had passed at 79.6 decibels.

    Hopefully, the PMVICs can figure out all the bugs with their respective systems to avoid issues such as this one in the future. As the MVIS rolls out in other regions, we expect more problems, bugs, and glitches to emerge as vehicles are checked for roadworthiness.
    And on the issue of the Subaru:

    There is another matter of a Subaru that was tested and had its all-wheel-drive system damaged, and we'll update you on developments on that front.
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    Make sure nila na mayrun proper testing equipment yung mga MVIS testing centers. Hirap sa LTO masyado sila nangarap.

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    May 2014
    maganda idea nun taga tpc - Car 11: Tips and FAQ Thread
    gowueld [https://tipidpc] [https://tipidpc] on 22 Jan 21 * 02:27 PM #


    Aba dapat lang free of charge haha.

    Dapat nga ganito sistema

    Inspection fee 1800php
    Reinspection fee - free sa first na balik, succeeding may bayad na - this is to give chance and encourage the MV owner to take corrective actions

    OR better yet, magkaron ng halaga yun specific items na nag fail ka at yun lang babayaran mo na reinspection

    Masyadong buwaya yung 800 agad sa reinspection, pano kung sound test lang, does it really cost 800 to perform sound test?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Egan101 View Post
    Make sure nila na mayrun proper testing equipment yung mga MVIS testing centers. Hirap sa LTO masyado sila nangarap.

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    Feeling first world country nga.

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    If the government was really serious in implementing this they should start first inspecting for the first 2 year of implementation.

    Government Vehicles
    Public Utility Vehicles (Jeep, Taxi, Tricycle)
    Commercial Vehicles
    Other For Hire (Grab)

    As these are on the road the most.

    Our government doesn't really care as they want to go and check first private vehicles which most likely have better maintenance.

    In my opinion this inspection should also be done for new private vehicles after 5-6 years, then every 2-3 years.

    Anong sense gawin to yearly, may ibang vehicle na private minsan less than 1-2k kms per year lang ang gamit.

    Also there should be a clear point system. For critical and non-critical parts that pass/fail.

    Pag non-critical pwede 1-2 failed items
    Pag critical 0 failed dapat

    I see this is a form of oppression for the middle class who pay the most in taxes. Isipin mo ikaw need mo dumaan sa ganito pero yung mga bulok na PUV/Govt vehicles tuloy lang sa kalsada.

    At isa pa baka mamaya yung technician na gumagawa ng test walang proper qualification. Ang dami dami vehicle brand/models, imposssible na familiar sila sa lahat.

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    Sep 2015
    ang palag ako dito eh sa gulong kasi good for 10years yan. Eh ako ilan low mileage cars ko 5,000kms a year. Masyado na advance gulong for city driving hndi yan sasabog.

    yung nangyari kay paul walker kaya sumabog gulong eh nagfeeling schumi so matulin yun.

    gulong ng fd ko year 2013 pa eh ang kapal pa. TApos papalitan na. NO NO NO NO.

    maghahanap ako kung sino pwede magfilte ng Temporary Restrainng Order

    Chaka dapat marunong yugn magchecheck. Kung ako namamahala jan tataasan ko standard sa lahat ng diesel engine kasi tunog lata talaga, masakit sa ilong,. Yung landcruiser totoo pangit ng tunog nyan. Dati ko pa sinasbi yan against landcruiser. Eh deisel ano pa ba inaasahan nyo magtunog gasoline engine?

    Magkaroon sana functionality ang ichecheck. Hindi yun pagininitan yugn gulong na makapal pa.

    Meron ba paraan para tapalan ko ng ibang expiration date gulong pag time ko na magrenew? Mandadaya na lang ako hutaena!!!!

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    Sep 2015
    minsan yugn mga nagcocomments sa facebook hindi na gumagamit ng senses. May nagpost na 3million car daw yung landcruiser pero bumagsak sa tunog lata test. Way back ko pa inaasar yung landcruiser and wala ako pakialam sa presyo kais im not into status symbol. Hindi ako nangsisino. Talagang maingay tunoy nyan halller. Worht 3million na tunog lata.

    But but but,..... If bagsak si landcruiser dapat bagsak instantly lahat ng jeepney, crosswind at mga truck. The test is mali kasi pangkwakwarta lang.

    Be like kagalingan na na may purpose. Not sosy not jologs but functional man.

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    Noise barrage daw against MVIS:
    VOLUNTEERS Against Crime and Corruption... - CAMPI Clean Air Movement of the Philippines, Inc. | Facebook

    For me it's ok to eventually do this, pero phased roll-in sana, instead of requiring all cars to comply with everything in the checklist at once. Let's say emissions is non-negotiable, then other other items are leaks, lights, brakes, speedo, undercarriage, noise. For the first year of implementation sana they make it that cars are given x number of freebies na pwede fail and still be registered. Then on the second year x-1 freebies, all the way down until eventually maging zero sya and cars need to be fully compliant.

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