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    Mar 2005
    Hindi naman aamin yung toyota ph kung sakaling affected din mga units dito.

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    Jan 2006
    Meron na ring recall sa China:

    Toyota to recall 75,000 vehicles in China

    Agence France-Presse
    First Posted 19:45:00 01/28/2010

    Filed Under: business, Automotive Equipment, Transport, Road Transport

    TOKYO Toyota will recall 75,000 automobiles in China due to accelerator pedal problems, extending a program that has already affected millions of vehicles in the United States, Kyodo News said Thursday.

    The recall in China involves the RAV4 sport utility vehicle, the report said.

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    Jan 2006
    At least the Sienna isn't included. That's the one I'm interested in.

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    May 2006
    Is this malfunction due to a botched drive-by-wire technology?

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    Feb 2008
    Where are Chinese RAV4's made? Kasi kung Japan apektado na tayo nyan!

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by jmpet626 View Post
    Hindi naman aamin yung toyota ph kung sakaling affected din mga units dito.
    Right sa Pilipinas wala naman aminan eh! D4-D choking problems anyone?

    Anyway. China is now in the list!

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by AAjet View Post
    Tiyak apektado nito ang resale value ng Corolla.

    At hindi aamin ang Toyota Philippines na palpak ang Corolla nila. It will be a business suicide.

    Let's wait and see this unfolding situation.

    Ingat sa pagbili ng sasakyan. (Lalo na pag Toyota)
    I don't know. None of the previous US recalls have affected Toyota locally.

    And no... they won't sell US models here while they are under investigation... what's the point? Do you know how much it would cost for them to ship them from the US and import them here... after they've been tax paid in the US? Who'd buy a Corolla that cost as much as a Camry?


    I'm waiting to see if the Chinese recall has some merit, or if it's merely preventative. If there have been cases in China, then it really is a design flaw in the part, not a bad batch of springs from the manufacturer. Might be a tolerance that is too tight, leading to premature spring failure. If that is so, then that's a really really big boo-boo on Toyota's part. And they can't afford the bad press this would cause.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Feb 2007
    I found this from . Apparently, Toyota have released today, Jan. 28, 2010, yet another recall notice to expand the line of vehicles affected by the sticky pedal problem. Here's the link:

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    Dec 2004
    Kawawa yung mga grey market na 2009MY Sequoia at Highlander rito..

    Dapat i-recall ng TMPC yung RAV-4 LWB 2WD at 4WD variants.

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    Dec 2009
    buti na lang, di kasama ang vios and yaris dito. planning to buy one this summer e.

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