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    Aug 2004
    That 1.9 is a possible estimate, given full tax breaks and subsidy. but the price isn't set in stone yet, it could be anywhere from 1.9 - 2.2, given the amount of tax breaks Toyota gets on it.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2004
    we will be soon be posting a short test drive report of the Toyota Prius. Niky and I are just finalizing some details.

    pic peek
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    Nov 2002
    I just saw a black Gen I Toyota Prius in Glorietta with Y-plates.
    must be a cebu unit. Probably the same unit being sold in the classified ads of manila bulletin.

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    Apr 2004
    The Toyota Prius Experience
    by carlocaraddict (with niky)

    We had a chance to drive the Toyota Prius during the 2nd World of Toyota last September, and here are my comments:

    The Toyota Prius reminds me of the Citroen C4 hatch that is popular in Europe. The only bad thing about it is the rear resembles the late 70ís Mitsubishi Celeste... Just kidding. Actually, the Prius is a head turner because it looks somewhat different from any of the other cars on Metro Manila streets, plus the fact that it is a Hybrid car. The front profile looks like a straightened up generation two Previa, while the rear is really Citroen-ish. Oh, those side mirrors are from the Corolla Altis!

    Interior lay-out is simple but build quality is good. I find the driving position and visibility excellent. The seats are wrapped with grey leather which is very comfortable. The digital speedometer is simple to read and it is angled to the driverís eye while the central navigation screen is very easy to use and reach. A power diagram on the central navigation screen informs the driver whether the car is running on gasoline or in batteries. Like the Camry 3.5 Q and the BMW 1 and 3-series, you donít need the keys to turn on the engine, just push the button and presto, you are on the go.

    The Toyota Prius seats five, and though classified as a mid-sized car, isnít much bigger than a Corolla. Despite this, it has decent leg room for both front and rear passengers while the slopping roof doesnít compromise rear head room for tall passengers. Boot space is shallow but you can fold down the rear seats to make it bigger.

    On our short test drive, the Prius responded like a 1.5 G Vios, which is great. Steering feel is light yet responsive in turns. The engine is quiet at low speeds but when you push it hard, it roars, of course. The second generation Prius claims 35 to 38 km/l in Japanese traffic, but of course, real world testing, like driving on the Alabang-Zapote road on weekends, would be more informative.

    The Toyota Prius is a car that cares for the environment but I really wonder how this car will perform in the long run. The question in my mind is how much it would cost to maintain a Hybrid car in our dear country.

    The Toyota Prius

    rear profile

    view from the rear passenger seat

    is it running on batteries or gas?

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    Jul 2003
    wats the speed when the gas engine kicks in??

    if 20kph and below electric then madali maging matipid yan.

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    Aug 2005
    hayy... I hope maka test drive ako..

    it's so nice..

    How about the touch of the suspension ? is it really comfy like camrys or accords etc?

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    Apr 2004
    mga below 45 kph batteries pa. Aliw yung sa screen kasi makikita dun yung pagswitch from batteries to gas power. hehehehe

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    swerte mo a! kailan yan mo ginawa? kasi nung nandun ako, nakadisplay lang..teka, yan ung display??? buti pinayagan kayo???

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz_yummy View Post
    swerte mo a! kailan yan mo ginawa? kasi nung nandun ako, nakadisplay lang..teka, yan ung display??? buti pinayagan kayo???
    Carlo pa! hawak nya ang tsikot..

    kung ako nasa toyota "sure carlo"

    ang pogi pa nyan. formal ang dating..

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    Oct 2002
    official motoring representative ng si carlo, kaya walang magagawa ang toyota kung gusto nyang i-uwi ang prius

    carlo, when the car switches from electric power to gas power and vise versa, naffeel ba?

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