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    Sep 2011
    15k pms ko kanina 2800 php , peru nakalimutan ko papalitan yung fuel filter every 5k km ako nag papalit

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    Oct 2011

    masyado naman maaga un sir imho pag 5k cguro mga 10k or 15k pag fuel filter....

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    Sep 2011
    Sir retz 5k and 10k nagpalit na ako ng fuel filter.
    Jrn29 saan kayo nagpa PMS mura ng sa inyo sir kainggit kau.

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    Jul 2011
    binibigay ba sa inyo yung oil filter gasket? Dito sa toyota cabanatuan hindi oil filter lang. Nakakalimutan ko sabihin lagi sa SA na di binibigay ng technician nila.

    May nakagamit na ba sa inyo ng 3in1 contact cleaner? yung lang kasi makita ko available. Para sa pagpapalit ng air filter sabay linis ng MAF sensor.

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    Sep 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by salingpusa View Post
    Sir retz 5k and 10k nagpalit na ako ng fuel filter.
    Jrn29 saan kayo nagpa PMS mura ng sa inyo sir kainggit kau.
    for me mas mainam kasi nag papalit ka palagi ng fuel filter para alaga makina at para maiwasan yung power loss ng d4d mas mahal nga dito eh kasi probinsya, toyota cabanatuan po ako nag papa service ;)

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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by jrn29 View Post
    for me mas mainam kasi nag papalit ka palagi ng fuel filter para alaga makina at para maiwasan yung power loss ng d4d mas mahal nga dito eh kasi probinsya, toyota cabanatuan po ako nag papa service ;)
    sir kanu damage sa cabanatuan for 5k-10k PMS plus fuel filter..

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    May 2013
    Good afternoon mga Sirs.
    New member lang po ako dito, daming informations ang nakukuha ko
    ask lang some questions re PMS for D4D V A/T 40T Kms.
    Toyota Pasig:
    TBF break fluid= 388
    TGFSSM 5W40=4472.93
    TGDG GL5 85W90=1084.04
    Element SUBASSYAIR 565.44
    Gasket Drain Plug =31.11
    FILTER OIL = 425.60
    TAFF AT FLUID = 1802.44

    TOTAL 2352.00


    tama po ba na lahat eto gawin in 40t Km? and ok po ba sa Toyota Pasig?
    May way ba na malaman if lahat ng yan is naperform ng Casa kase iniwan ko lang unit ko sa toyota pasig since di naman sila nagpapasok sa service area.
    maraming salamat po!

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    Sep 2010
    kaka PMS ko lang last Saturday first 1000 km. Ok service sa Toyota abad santos kita mo ginagawa sa oto mo. charge sa akin 1803.00 free yong labor. Diesel yong innova ko

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    May 2013
    Gandang araw sa lahat,

    New member lang po ako dito.

    I had my Innova J2.0, M/T, Gas, 2008Model at around 46Km mileage last year.
    Yung last PMS was 40Km sa Balintawak. Then nung 45Km, nagpalit na ng battery bago ko nakuha yung sasakyan.

    Nag tanong ako for PMS sa Toyota Global City and Toyota Shaw. Magkaiba yung binigay nilang cost. Yung isa is P7000 tapos yung isa P10K.

    Ito yung quote para sa P10K
    Labor: 1277
    Engine Oil (6Lts) = 3833
    Oil Filter = 426
    Gasket = 31.12
    Aircon Filter = 906
    Spark Plug = 500

    Misc = 250
    Sand Paper = 22.40
    Penetrating Oil = 18.00
    Petrogrease = 14.00
    Breake Cleaner = 180.00
    Engine Flush = 302.40
    Fuel Treatment = 644.00
    Engine Detailing = 780.00
    Battery Check - 33.00
    Aircon Ionizer = 1554.00

    Currently ang mileage ng sasakyan ko ngayon is 53Km.
    Matass na consumption ko sa gas. Magpagas ako ng P2500, ang takbo lang aroung 280Km.. madalas mas mababa pa.

    Di pa ako marunong kasi. This is my first car.
    Just want to seek expert opinion kung ano yung best and affordable PMS package.

    Thanks and God bless!

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    Jun 2007
    Greetings, Tsikoteers.

    I just had my Innova's first 1K PMS at Toyota Shaw. I'll start with the details:

    Year: 2013
    Make: Toyota
    Model: Innova 2.5 J M/T
    Kilometer reading prior to PMS: 1048 kms.
    Time given to Toyota: 10:44 AM
    Time promised: 12:00 PM
    Actual time given back: 1:00 PM
    Estimate cost: P2,119.66

    Description of work done:
    Replaced engine oil - 7 liters (Mineral) --------------------- P1,412.95
    Replaced engine oil filter (1 pc.) -------------------------------- 425.60
    Gasket (1 pc.) -------------------------------------------------------- 31.11
    POL (Petroleum, Oil, & Lubricants) a.k.a. Misc. (1) ---------- 250.00
    Total invoice amount ------------------------------------------ P2,119.66

    Free 1 liter of mineral oil ------------------------------------- P 201.24 (given for free by my agent)
    10% discount on parts ------------------------------------------- 186.96 (my agent said I could ask for this everytime I get service from them)

    Total amount due ------------------------------------------------- P1,731.46
    Total amount paid ------------------------------------------------ P1,731.41

    Obviously there are a couple of things here that aren't clear. I'll discuss that later. I'll talk about my experience first. I called my agent to have the 1K PMS appointment scheduled for me last Saturday, May 25th. I got to the dealer at 10:40 AM and surrendered my key at 10:44 AM. When I got to the reception area for service, they asked for my service booklet and my info.

    After a minute of looking at the board where they keep appointments, the receptionist said that I don't have a scheduled appointment. I explained that my agent scheduled the appointment for me and that the SA, let's just call him Bob, is expecting me. She said that the info wasn't relayed to them, so she gave me a walk-in number to line up for an SA. I called my agent and told him what happened and it got straightened out.

    First lesson of the day: DO NOT have your appointment scheduled by your agent. Call the service department directly.

    After I spoke to Bob, he said that it'll only take an hour for the whole procedure (which includes the car wash). I decided to log search Google for PMS info and I found this thread. That's when I started finding out about these unnecessary parts, fluids, and procedures that SA's recommend. It's a good thing that the SA my agent referred me to didn't recommend anything unnecessary, so I was happy with that. I did, however, felt concerned about the price quotation and what I read on some of the posts here. There was about a P500 difference from the average of P1,600++ and the P2,119 that was quoted to me.

    Second lesson of the day: Always get a quotation first before having an appointment scheduled, compare prices by calling other dealers, and check Tsikot for info.

    An hour and fifteen minutes passed and I still haven't gotten word if they're done servicing the vehicle. This was exactly at noon. After a few minutes, my agent approached me and told me the mechanic took his lunch break! Unbelievable! He took his friggin' lunch break when I haven't even had mine! I became naturally upset when he told me. I pointed out that the time they quoted me that I would get my Innova back was noon. To make the long story short, I ended up waiting another hour.

    Third lesson of the day: Expect delays in the service department. Especially if they put their needs first before the customer's. Outrageous!

    Going back to the two things that were unclear. When I got the service bill, which was at 12:30 PM, the first thing I noticed was the item tagged as "Misc." which cost P250. I proceeded to ask what that was and the girl from the service department said it was for processing of documents (P250 for documents?!). Naturally, I was suspicious, so I asked for a breakdown of that specific charge. She came back to me with that "Misc." charge mysteriously changed to POL. Whatever. Second item that was unclear was the discount. I asked about the 10% discount my agent said I would get because it wasn't indicated on the bill. The lady who gave me the bill looked baffled. I asked my agent to straighten it out and they did... after 30 more minutes (while my Innova was being washed)!

    Fourth and final lesson of the day: Never let the dealers get away with robbing you. Always ask for the details of what they charge you and have it on record. They bank on people not knowing what to ask or what to ask FOR, so they take advantage.

    So after two hours and fifteen minutes of waiting, watching the Pacers lose to the Heat, and having two cups of water (they also have an unlimited supply of coffee), I finally got my Innova back and ended up paying only P1,731.41 (I don't know where the 5 centavos went and I don't care anymore).

    My overall rating for Toyota Shaw based on my Innova's first 1K PMS experience is a 7. I might come back to the same dealer if they give me an honest quotation for the 5K PMS. We'll see.

    I hope this review of Toyota Shaw for PMS was extensive enough to help anyone who needs info.

    By the way, if you need more info about the parts that need replacing for every PMS, I found this link on the Toyota website. I find it helpful.
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