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    Aug 2003
    had my 10K and 15K checkup and didn't include any additive. just the filters and engine oil.

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    Oct 2002
    so does this mean they were trying to rip me off?? oh well... at least sa toyota ortigas lang to, sa shaw as of now alam ko wala, kahit na same owner pa

  3. jagxtrm Guest
    last saturday (june 3) dinala ko yng toyota innova ng brother ko at nagpa-service ako sa toyota manila bay (10T km checkup).

    napansin ko rin merong fuel and oil additive dun sa binayaran ko.

    btw, about P2,600+ ang labor (P500), rags, sandpaper, fuel additive, oil additive, engine detailing (P600), plus 12% tax == P3,000. may dala pala akong 7.5 liters na mobil 1 0w-40 fully syn. cguro pag sa casa pa ang oil, aabot ng P5,000 ang 10T KM checkup ko

    cguro yng fuel additive na nilalagay nila eh para ma-prevent yng engine stalling dahil sa lubrication problem on the fuel pump
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    Oct 2005
    At Larshell: the supply pump engrave number i think is visible lalo na pag bago and familiar ka na tlga dun sa itsura ng piyesa.. I suggest ask the warranty officer you attended you before.. The exact term of the waaranty officer of cubao and marikina is "may counter-measure na" he might be referring to the new "instruction control valve" [this is a part of the supply pump module/assembly].

    Regarding the assembly-related parts for our engines, dito daw talo ung diesel kasi karamihan assembly na ung mga parts natin. In other words, mapapamahal tayo after the warranty period kasi pag mgpapalit ka ng piyesa, puro assembly na, hindi per piece .
    tsk! tsk!

    Regarding the fuel treatment, and aditives, YES, they are after market. You could buy and implement those after your PMS. bili ka na lng sa labas. Mas mura pa. Kaya dapat sa estimate pa lang patanggal mo na ung mga pinagdadadagdag nila. Change oil lang and clean brakes, ok na.

    If you can also notice, kung may tune-up package pang dinagdag, pansinin mo ung mga ginagawa ng technician, wala namang piangkaiba. Sa marikina kasi, pwede mong bantayan. Yung tire rotation nga pinakisusuyo ko na lng sa technician kesa banggitin ko sa SA, kasi may charge pang 88php.

    San kayo bumibili ng mobil1? How much? wala na ata ung tsikoteer na ngbebeta dati eh.

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    Jun 2006
    hi, have an innova G diesel auto. so far no problem except for the extra noisy injection pump during start-ups in the morning. saw that several others are experiencing this with their units. i have been using Bio Activ since i got the unit Aug. 05' and no problems so far. i get around 7-8kms/liter in the city (Heavy traffic) and around 15-18kms/liter in highways.

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    Jun 2006
    only brought my innova for the 1st 1Tkms service, after self serve lang me. change oil and filter every 5Tkms. TAGA sa casa mag pa service, their regular 15w-40 oil costs Php200+/liter. so i went and bought imported semi-synthetic oil w/c cost only Php 750/Gal and VIC (Japan) C-111 oil filters only Php160

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by DragOn
    so did any of u experience this? this happened at the 10,000kms check up. at the 5000kms checkup, only the "diesel engine additive" was there, so i asked "bat dati sa 5000 wla yn fuel treatment?" I dont even want to post his stupid answer here. Anyway, i didnt even know about this as the SAs dont mention these additives, it is only because each and everytime i go there, i always ask for an estimate as well as a breakdown of the parts cost. it was there i saw these additives, almost reaching P1000.00. This 5Tkms & 10Tkms experience happened at ortigas. the 1Tkms held at shaw, i did not experience this additive thing.
    same experience here... with a Rav4 btw... they add this additive every PMS... haven't inquired though what that additive is (my guess is it is a fuel injector cleaner).

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    May 2005
    Lord, Thanks for the info.

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    Jun 2006
    Dear Friends,

    I send you this lines from Spain.( Europe).
    We have had an enourmous problem with the land cruiser KDJ120.
    In many countries is called prado.

    IT IS A D4D, engine 1kd-ftv and 163HP.

    The diesel common rail injectors are failing,even with 10.000km....!

    Can you tell me the problem you have,?, because also I think our pumps have to do with the problem we are suffering.

    We made an official claim to Toyota and they say that they know the injectors are failing, but they do not say anything about the pumps!!.

    we are in

    Thank you.

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    Jun 2006
    by the way, ..

    we were said in Spain that the problem was the quality of the diesel.

    NO!!!. All the rest of cars in Spain are using the same diesel and they dont have problems.

    If they have sold a car wich is not compatible withe Spanish diesel, that´s is not our probl, is their problem.

    Toyota has decided to change the injectors , but we would like to kmow about your experiences.
    Our common simpmthoms are:

    Noisy engine
    lack of power....


Toyota D4D engine woes