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    Aug 2003
    ang trend ngayon for diesel engines is puro CRDi this problem shouldn't be specific to D4Ds per se. it's a problem that all diesel cars will have to deal with sooner or later

    ironic though...nagpasa tayo ng clean air act, pero diesel natin marumi

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by larshell
    I just got back from Toyota Balintawak Main fuel pump daw ang comon problem ng D4D at Toyota Balintawak alone im # 15 na may ganitong reklamo. For diagnostic palang i have to wait for the whole day then kung pump daw ang sira they have to order pa daw. Baka Saturday afternoon pa matapos ang unit ko.
    Kaka Bwisit! If i were you dont buy toyota D4D engine. D4D Suck! :fire:
    larshell, i am very interested with the casa's findings. were they more specific? did they tell you what was the cause all those failed main fuel pumps?

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    Aug 2003
    I was one of those who mentioned of the innova choking problems over at the biodiesel rulez thread here. I did mention that in my biodiesel fuel economy results thread but in site.

    At the cold start, the car wont maintain its idling, namamatay, you have to rev it high for a while or else mamatay ang makina. When its warm, wala ang problema. I've been using 1% estrol for almost 2,000km when it happened. I thought it had something to do with my findings with contaminated biodiesel. But before I was able to bring it in to the casa, I had the fuel filter checked by my inhouse motorpool, kasi takot ako na pagmaymakita sa casa related to biodiesel, baka ma void ang warranty. When my chief mechanic inspected the filter, he noticed it was loose, and may have allowed air into the system. He continued to check the filter and found it clean. Inspected the fuel that passes through the filter and found it clear. Reinstalled the primary spin on fuel filter and tightened it, and nawala ang problema.

    When I mentioned it at the biodiesel thread, may nagcomment di kaya dahil nalinis ang filter kaya nawala ang palyado, rather than the loose filter? Kasi nag comment din ako din naman ginalaw ang filter, bakit lumuwag? So just this week, I had my innova undergo the 5,000 pms. I specifically asked the service advisor to clean out my fuel tank and inspect it. At this time, no symptoms at all of the palyado, but I did mention it to the service advisor na matagal ko na kilala, since my ae92 corolla days. When he released my innova, he reported the liquid diesel to be clear, and the bottom of the tank to be clean. In effect, he gave a clean bill of health on my unit. He also knows of my use of biodiesel and he gave me the go signal before I used it.

    One of the reason why I was concerned was due to my experience on contaminated biodiesel, which caused me to replace my fuel filter priming pump on my kia sedona. And this has affected several of my trucks. Now, I know how to distinguish the contaminated biodiesel and we now inspect before we mix it into our diesel.

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    Oct 2005
    "The all-new 2KD-FTV four-cylinder diesel engine delivers top class fuel efficiency with extended maintenance periods. This latest technology diesel engine from Toyota has a high-pressure common rail direct fuel injection system and is fitted with a compact, high efficiency turbo charger. A range of electronic controls, including a drive-by-wire throttle system, assist in optimising engine power output, fuel efficiency, and emissions. The advanced controls also contribute to lower combustion noise and improved torque at low engine speeds."

    Excerpt from a D4D review. So, this is all crap? Is anyone aware of same problems with D4D-equipped HiLux? Do they have same problems, too?

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    Jul 2005
    larshell, number 15 ka sa mga nagreklamo sa dealer mo? medyo alarming ang bilang considering maraming dealers ang toyota. multiply 15 by the number of dealers eh hindi biro yun. hay naku. my diesel adventure has 90k kms sa odo and not once pumalya ito. i know toyota has a 100k kms/3 year warranty on their engines. i appreciate the engine warranty, ayoko lang ng abala. that's why i'm purchasing a new car dahil ayoko ng frequent maintenance.

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    Dec 2003
    i think its not the engine itself, but the fuel system

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    Oct 2005
    Mga Innova peeps..
    My INNOVA G Diesel Variant was brought by my brother a while ago at Marikina
    Service Station. My 15k PMS was also done at the said service station. Prior
    the 15K PMS, we already have complaints that after several full tanks of
    fuel from PETRON and mixing it with ESTROL Biodiesel (5% and 1%), the engine
    begins to experience the following:
    1. The engine often dies after starting it. This is true during cold startup
    (mornings and after several hours of being parked). This is sometimes called
    users - pumapalya o na-chochoke. Kelanagn mo apakan yung gas pedal or rev up.
    the engine.

    2. Sometimes during shifting gears, especially on slow speed (2nd gear) parang
    kakadyot ung makina o malulunod (has the tendency to stop) pag hindi mo agad
    inapakan ung gas pedal.
    3. Sometimes, I feel that the engine is loosing power. Although my top speed
    not affected, the behavior of the engine sa arangkadahan or during normal
    is not the same. sometimes I do need to drive hard. But I observed that my
    consumption is still the same. 9.5-10.5 KM/L pa rin. I am now using Shell

    All of these symptoms were relayed by my brother sa toyota mechanic sa
    Toyota diagnosed again our unit by using their laptop to get into the unit's
    engine statistics. My brother also relayed the possibility of the fuel filter
    being clogged and maybe it just need to be adjusted. However, toyota did not
    attempt to take a look. They are satisfied with the results being shown by the
    engine at their laptop. The other bad news is, they still have to report the
    said event either at planta or at Cubao. They instructed my brother that they
    will contact us again for the next visit. This time at cubao. I am planning to
    bring my unit at P. Tamo or Makati this Saturday for a second opinion. These
    stations I believe are independent and have their own pool of expert mechanics
    and management that can decide immediately and do not depend on other

    Since I am not the only one who have experienced such behavior, (others are
    just using pure diesel without additives or biodiesel) maybe we could organize
    a body or at least help each other to get the attention of Toyota. I believe
    that the D4d engine is not that bad since it has been released before in other
    countries. There might just be an adjustment with our engines. Lets push
    to work on this issue. Toyota must have a fixed for this issue, better yet
    fixed this issue so that our engine can use and benefit from biodiesel.

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    Feb 2005
    Try to stop using additives and see if performance will improve. Sensitive kasi sa pressure and injection pump system. Additives could have been affecting the consistency of the fuel. It can also affect the timing of the injectors causing a delay in delivery and thus loss of power.

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    Mar 2005
    kung minsan mahirap din bumili kagad ng bagong technology, nagiging guinea pig ka pa.

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    Oct 2002
    yep oldblue... parang v0.r0 syndrome of most softwares

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