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    Quote Originally Posted by jojoico View Post
    Share ko lang, nag loosethread din yun sa 2.4 ko. Car overheated once only 2 years ago pa and was using it fine until recently, napansin ko na nag ooverflow yun sa water reservoir but not overheating and no change in performance. Brought to speedyfix, diagnosis was head gasket and found out na loose thread na nga yun sa block. Cost of rethread was 3k per hole x 6holes while overhauling kit/gasket 10k, then labor 15k plus other items (oil, etc.) Total cost is around 50k but quality of work is A1.
    I bring my cars to other shops when problem is minor lang but when complicated, kay Speedyfix.

    Btw, dinala ko rin sa Toyota Pasig and the service advisor told me "sir, mabuti pa ibenta mo na yan". Hehe.
    Same case with our 2.4 Camry. It's been two years since the work of Speedyfix and it's running very well.

    Toyota Pasig was quoting us 300K to replace the engine that time.

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    Nov 2008
    Im planing to get a 2.4 2004-06 camry, but I read about this problem about the engine block threads getting stripped so that the cylinder head cannot be tigthened enough, is the true? also I see some camrys 2004 advertised with 2.0 engines isthis the same engine as a 2.4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 105.1 crossover View Post
    Noted mga sir
    Sorry late response man ito baka maka dagdag din..may engine issue ka probably in one of the cylinders is misfiring..usually top overhaul ang solusyon.

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