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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    Hindi pa naman siguro na-total wreck or nalubog sa ilog yung mga 2nd hand Fortuner.

    One unit was recently sold off because the owner was not satisfied with the ride. Tough customer, probably.

    Personally, it's a toss up between a GU Patrol and a GEN III Pajero for me with the Patrol having a slight edge.
    probably the ride quality of the fortuner kaya binalik. parang yun Amerkano na ni-vandalize yun Everest nya for not having the ride quality of Expedition

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    Aug 2006
    im a fortuner user and i dont want to brag more about it... with your money in hand ,go for the brand new (fort, sorento, sta.fe etc) .. picking 2nd hand SUV is a gamble, you might find the good one or otherwise... you can never easily tell if the 2nd hand SUV is well taken care of or abuse by simply looking at it and driving it for 10 min...

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue View Post
    probably the ride quality of the fortuner kaya binalik. parang yun Amerkano na ni-vandalize yun Everest nya for not having the ride quality of Expedition
    That was something, eh? pati mga differentials, sinitahan niya!!!


    I'd prefer brand new over secondhand, as I've had the worst luck buying secondhand vehicles (what can I say? I'm adventurous! ), but it's possible to find very low mileage vehicles in good condition within your budget.

    Difficult, but still possible.

    Despite the harsh ride, I'd prefer the Fortuner. It's a newer vehicle, and it handles commendably well for ladder frame SUV on the road (it's toe to toe with the new unibody Pajero for handling) and is tough. Disclaimer, don't drive it like a car... it feels like a car to drive, and I see lots of people driving these around really quickly, oblivious to the fact that it weighs almost two tons and has off-road tires...

    If power isn't a big deal for you, you can save and get the 2.5... but personally, I'd hunt around for a secondhand 3.0 turbodiesel. Test it first for the D4D problem (exhaustively chronicled here...), but I've met owners with over 40,000 km under their belt who've experienced nothing untoward.

    And if the previous owner has changed the shocks already, all the better.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2006
    i'll get the pajero kasi I have a feeling that the thread starter will just use this more for on-road use... maganda suspension ng gen 3 paj kaya dun nako sa komportable....

    saka wala pakong nakitang laspag na gen 3... patrol??? hmmm cgurado laspag yan tough ride pa....

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    Oct 2006
    I heard the Fortuner has a weak engine for it's size...true?

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    Nov 2005
    Second hand Fortuner....try mo sa D. Tuason ba yon right after STC. May nakita ako 2 units being displayed kasama ng mga second hand cars.

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    Jun 2006
    brand new syempre but your vying for the gasoline engine fortuner which is far to comapre to the 2nd hands your are also vying for which is diesel... cunsumption wise... diesel is always matipid and cheaper... but brand new cars free you from any defects or maintenance of worn out parts unless you know the owner of the 2nd hand cars and their background....

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    Oct 2002
    if you were in my shoes which SUV will you go for ?

    usually a 2 or 3 yr old SUVs are not that daldal

    if you could haggle the pajero for 1.3M to 1.4 then why not di ba
    4m41 engine plus all independent suspension...sarap ng ride niyan

    Patrol and Troopers are out since they have the turbo and fuel injectors problem

    meron na rin 2nd hand na fortuner dito and yung ride din ang complaint...nabenta 1,080,000

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    Oct 2002
    brand new cars free you from any defects
    This is not always the case. And getting corrective work can be a hassle (siyempre ayaw ibigay dahil libre). If you buy used, you can use the money saved to rectify any faults. No more investigation, no more paper trail. Just go to the talyer and fix (or just fix it at home since there are no warranty worries anymore).

    Considering that a brand-new Pajero III costs Php2.5M++ nowadays, getting a unit for Php1.5M ain't bad. Even with repairs, I doubt you'll be spending anything near Php1M. In return, you get a feature-packed FLAGSHIP SUV. Top of the line kaagad. No one will bother to ask you if it's brand new or used.

    Isipin mo na lang na yung pang repairs mo ay yung monthly payments ng brand new. Yung repairs hindi naman every month unlike monthly payments and malabo namang gagastos ka sa repairs na sinlaki ng monthly payment ng brand new unit.

    Ang mahirap lang sa used, isang bagsakan ang bayaran. Parang binili mo ng cash kumbaga sa brand new. Other than that, ok na din.
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    Oct 2002
    Ditto with keeping your options open for the next few weeks. Take a look around at the 2nd hand market before putting your DP for a brand new Fortuner.

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