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    Oct 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by Mile2 View Post
    Natumbok mo bro

    I even reached up to the dealer's President hehehe kaya tangay lahat down to the service manager and mechanics, that's why even security guards take me as preferred customer
    mas natumbok mo bro
    i never had a chance na ma meet yung president nila. so far di pa naman kailangan yung level ng president. as for security guards, i will just mention the name of the service manager or customer relations head na they are expecting me and viola! may instant parking space na kagad ako.

    pero seriously, pag may complaints ako i make sure na valid naman ito. i dont like to take advantage din sa kanilang generosity.

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    Sep 2005
    also send an email to Toyota at cac2*

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    Aug 2006
    Definitely, I also don't take advantage of their generousity and in return for their generousity, I actually helped them to improved their services by giving suggestions which I bet, they do take them seriously.

    I had a leaky front shock absorber few weeks back and TMBC evaluated and replaced them with no question asked. But for comsumable and rotating parts, If they say it not part of the warranty, then I don't force it and just say thanks.

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    Apr 2005
    mailto: Butch.Buenaventura*

    he is in-charge of customer relations at toyota head office.

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    May 2008
    Guys, I went to Toyota Makati last week. Binalik naman yung warranty booklet ko. Unfortunately wala parin plates yung auto ko but they gave me new xerox copied sales invoice that is dated until Nov 30. Regarding my cars alarm, hindi daw programable ang alarm ng current vios. Doon lang daw sa mga mas older na vios yung programable yung horn sa keyless. Thanks for the infos.

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    Jan 2008
    the guys who said to befriend the top people in the dealership are right. I had a problem with the PMS of Toyota makati when we got our innova a few months back.

    I often line up really early do be the 1st or 2nd guy to get the PMS. after almost 3 hours waiting i saw another guy's car with the number 5 cone on it roll out before mine did and i was number 1!

    so i complained it to their CS and they apologized. after that incident, whenever i get our innova's PMS, i'd look for whoever was in charge for that day after getting my number in line. and I've never experience that problem anymore.

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    I got my 5-year old Revo from Toyota Makati. There are 2 things they really $uck at. Firstly, warranty claims are such a pain. They will give you all the reasons in the book, only to deny the claim. Secondly, it took me months, before my plate arrived (over 2 months yata). I would suspect that they're being given a hard time by LTO. I think it will be in their best interest to release plates asap, only iniipit yata sila. Maybe they don't give out grease money, like other dealers do.

    Since out of warranty na Revo ko, and meron na plates, those 2 things are non-issues anymore. All else, I find Toyota Makati service ok. Try out Toyota C5 or Alabang, and you'll know what I mean.

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    Jul 2007
    Just had our Vios' head unit repaired. It was still under warranty at 2.5 years. Didnt pay anything. It just took a long time. Mga 2 to 3 weeks.

    This was at Toyota Otis.

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    Mar 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by wakin View Post
    depende na yan kung masipag yung service advisor mo. yung service advisor ko sa toyota pasong tamo, he calls me up pag tapos na yung unit or kung meron pang kailangan palitan na hindi namin napagusapan or any other problem that might arise. he makes sure na yung pinagawa ko is done with quality. you might be wondering bakit parang service deluxe?

    i frequently talk to their customer relations head as well as with their service manager. pag sinabing hindi kayang gawin on the same day ng service advisor kakausapin ko kagad yung service manager. ayun biglang top priority yung kotse ko. usually pag may papalitan na parts na medyo mahal and hindi available sa casa they would require their customer to pay 50% down tapos oorderin pa nila sa TMP. in my case by phone lang ako oorder and then TMP will deliver to them the parts without any downpayment on my side. thats my agreement with the service manager. or any other petty complaints i address this to their customer relations head.

    so kung alam ng service advisor mo na kilala mo yung mga bossing sa casa then medyo magiiba treatment nila sa iyo. bottom line. make friends with the customer realtions head and the service manager.
    i got my avanza at TPT last may 2007. last january, nagpa-update ako ng alarm. then last may, naaksidente ang vehicle, have it repaired on same TPT. upon inspectrion, ang accompanying tool pouch was missing ( big suspect was when the installation of alarm last january, di naman ginagalaw yang tool pouch sa lalagyan as bago pa ang sasakyan). then while ongoing the repair, tinanggal nila ang end cap ng step board. tapos declare nila na durog na but when i showed them the pics from the insurance, kitang kita na ok pa ang condition. napilitan tuloy ako bumili ng end cap. have talk to their service manager pero wala action na ginawa.
    Later, nakita ko na nakasuksok sa ilalim ng pasenger seat ang end cap

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by tercyu View Post
    I bought my 08 vios 1.5g more than a month ago. Its my our first time to own a Toyota since my dad is not fond of Japanese cars that much. I was the one who picked the vios thats why it was bought. However, here are my concerns. The time i picked up the unit from its showroom (Toyota Makati), I found out that their is a factory defect with its steering alignment so I hurried back to the showroom and was advised that they'll address the problem on its 1000km check up. On its 1000km check up, I did remind them to fix the defect. However, they billed me for that. I then reasoned out that they should not charge me for that because that is a factory defect and I already advised them since day 1. Their reason was the steering is off waranty since it is only covered below 1000km. After some reasoning, they agreed to not charge it but can no longer bill me on the same night since I arrived around 6pm after beeing stuck in traffic. Take note that I was the one who called them just for me to know that the car was done so that I can pick it up. Its ok for me that they cannot release the car that same date but I was hassled.

    Upon pulling out the vehicle, I noticed that the steering alignment is still unaddressed. However, I did not return that instant because I have to rush to school But I did advised my agent and was told to bring back the car if I have time. So there I have it. When I had time, I brought it back. The steering was fixed but heres the problem. Upon releasing the car, they forgot to return my warranty booklet. And as for me, I did inspect my things in the car but had also forgot. I just found out that it was missing after two weeks. It took me awhile to tell the agent that it was missing and today, I'll go back to the casa again.

    Agenda for the casa today:
    1. Update me regarding my plate (its been 1mo 3 weeks and still it doesnt have plates)
    2. If plates are still in the process, I'm running out of xerox copied sales invoice.
    3. My warranty booklet that has been there for a couple of weeks.
    4. Activate the sound of the keyless for TVSS

    We have ford vehicles and a BMW which periodically reminds us regarding servicing of vehicles. We have a nissan sentra which does not really remind us but does servicing well. Buttom line, Toyota needs improvement for its after sales department.

    I also had a steering alignment problem with our Vios '08 model. Since we are from San Pablo, Laguna we bought our unit from the branch of Toyota Batangas here in our city. I notified the SA about the problem when I had the 1K pms. The SA told me to bring the car to their main branch at Batangas City because they don't have the facility to do this. I said no because of the distance I have to travel from San Pablo to Batangas and back. He said I can go to a gas station with steering alignment facility to address the problem but of course I have to pay for it. I'm sure this is clearly a factory defect because we are not alone with this kind of a problem with Vios '08 model.
    I got our car plates after 1 month and 8 days of waiting. My Toyota Sales Agent who was always available while I was in the process of buying the car was unreachable when I need to follow up my car plates and stickers. They would not give me sales invoices for the traffic cops in Metro Manila.

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