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    Feb 2008
    Navara... that's why it's the no.1 pick up.

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by N-nigma View Post
    Navara... that's why it's the no.1 pick up.
    no.1 pa din ba? diba it was years before?

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    Sep 2003
    Yung Navara....Krome. Ganda!

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    Jun 2007
    can't go wrong with any of the current pickups!

    personally, kung work truck, Ranger na.

    kung pampasahero at pampamilya...
    Strada or Navara.

    But if all you need is a 4x2, I'll choose the Navara for its wider and lower stance (less prone to turning turtle)

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    Aug 2004
    If you want to walk on the wild side, the Ranger 3.0 fits the ticket. I think Mazda sells a variant of the 3.0 in 4x2, also... which would be great for... errh...

    Overall, though, the Navara is the best. Ride comfort only second to the Strada, and the biggest bed in the class. Only problem is the road-biased set-up means maximum load capacity isn't the best, but when are you ever going to carry a hundred sacks of rice, anyway? :lol:

    If you're never going to use the bed to carry farm produce, you might want to consider the Strada. Still the best ride. Great rear seats... and the interior is pretty nice compared to the rest of this crowd. Handling isn't quite up to the Navara or the Ranger/BT50 twins... but if you're not that kind of driver...

    ...then it really isn't an issue. :hysterical:

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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hilux G? navarra? Dmax? which is which...