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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Mile2 View Post
    Reading from the Fuzion thread, owners are dissapointed with its 3rd row seats and vintage engine that has bad FC.

    I'm trying to observe the street frquently, D4d still has the greater numbered Innova. Pinoys are diesel lovers, evidently even after they knew the D4d woes still they would buy
    IMHO, I don't think a lot of filipino people knows about the problem with the D4D... Maganda lang talaga ang rep ng toyota sa mga pinoy...

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    Feb 2006
    sana maresolve na yang D4D black smoke, lagi na kasi akong muntik mabangga kakatingin sa rear view mirror if there is smoke, ask ko lang po to those who are experiencing black smoke, pag nakapark po ba yung auto nyo and nirev upto lets say 2k rpm may balck smoke po ba? o habang natakbo lang?

    Innova G MT Medium Silver almost 900kms na po yung ride ko...

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    May 2008
    where i work, 5-6 people i know have problems with their d4d (fortuner/innova)-- either black smoke, hard starting or choking, but my mother's innova diesel m/t bought 1 1/2 years ago with a mileage of 44k doesn't have any problems at all. and just recently, my close friend's new fortuner 2.5 d4d emitted black smoke before it could even reach 1k PMS. whoa, boggles the mind

    planning to buy innova next week and i'm leaning toward vvti

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    Oct 2008
    hello dindy , mile2 , chillun and others..

    its very sad to hear abt your case dindy i was shocked to know that they have your car at the dealerships for almost a month now its not that big of a problem but toyota does seem very reluctant to change parts under warranty. i dont belive thier story of getting u a catalytic converter from JAPAN thats all &%$(#%.

    As for my case in the beginning when i complained of black smoke they claimed they changed the ecm along with catalyic converter .. but soon after the problem reappered and i wrote 2 letters to the company and managed to get the company officials to take a look and under thier supervision they confirmed that the dealership had changed the catalytic converter that didnt work so by changing it again ( 2nd time )they claimed to have a " modified " converter now installed.. Whats the difference ?? god knows .. no explaination was given.. also the interesting thing is.. this time when they re-mapped the ecm they asked me to bring all my spare keys to change the " code " on the keys ( i have a V model ) so i'm assured this time they did Re-map the entire ECM cuz the "code" on the keys also had to be changed else the keys wont work.

    I was not given any service vehicle for the 7 days the vehicle was at the dealership and went thru unnessary hardship during those days .The frustrating part is that toyota DOES NOT give u details as to what exactly they are doing on the car.. all this information i got from my own digging even thou i had given my complaint to them in writting.

    Also along with that.. the wiper linkage system rear door hydraulic shafts also changed under warranty.

    to my disbelif i got my car with NO airfilter in it ! i drove back home without a Airfilter noticing a very loud & unusuall turbo noise i called the toyota next day they sent a mobile service unit when the opened the Airfilter unit it was missing.. they did replace it with a Brand new one free of charge.

    But it goes to show the level of service quality here.. Being a Big and Responsible company they have to consider or make sure the customers who are facing major issues with thier defective products atleast derserve proper explaianation of what service work is carried out by them..& they take a that extra effort to make sure things will be done right the first time instead the car came back with lil oil marks in the door pads and seats dirty but i'm fed up i cant afford to keep losing my cool with the service advisors.

    Right now i'm on a test drive mode.. the vehicle does seem a lil noisy but myabe thats cuz theres no carbon deposit in the exhaust system i'm hoping that the sound levels would gradually come down ..very curious to know if the Black smoke problem reappears going for a long weekend abt 700 kms so will lets u guys know then.

    i'm a very dissapointed customer and this is definitely my last TOYOTA.

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    Jun 2006
    Toyota sucks in service simply because they have a lot of other customers. They wouldn't care at all if you won't buy again.

    That's why they are reluctant to fix their defective products esp in this IMV segment (Fortuner, Innova, Hilux). Mostly, it's only the diesels that are usually defective. The current Corollas apparently has defects too.

    Thing is, I'm still wondering why you guys are NOT yet using the media power in this. This is none of your fault. You deserve a good product because you paid faithfully, trusting you'll receive a fully functional car, aside it being brand new. Sure, this would probably pull down the resale of these cars but that's none of your concern. You should only be concerned now about getting your money's worth.

    Good luck to all of you.

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    Aug 2006
    Keep us posted Innova99, let us hope that a speedy solution to it will come soon.

    Our company buys 1 or 2 cars from Toyota every month and only 2 D4d was purchased in the year 2005, both are still in good condition with no black smoke and the dreaded stalling woes.

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    Oct 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by razeac View Post
    sana maresolve na yang D4D black smoke, lagi na kasi akong muntik mabangga kakatingin sa rear view mirror if there is smoke, ask ko lang po to those who are experiencing black smoke, pag nakapark po ba yung auto nyo and nirev upto lets say 2k rpm may balck smoke po ba? o habang natakbo lang?

    Innova G MT Medium Silver almost 900kms na po yung ride ko...
    yes ganoon din sa akin pagtumatakbo at naka idle mern usok . kelan mo nabili sasakyan mo npasok mo na ba sa toyota yan? Dapat paalam nyo agad sabi ksi nila iilan lang daw kami mern ganoon problema. but it seems marami na lumalabas na ganoon problema . i know 2 guys who had fortuner and the odometer reading has not even reach 1500 kms mern nang black smoke . yung innova ko they have change several parts already so far nasa observation mode pa din ako . they tell us they will be replacing the oxidation catalist with a modified one and reprogram the ecu but up to now wala pa din definite date kelan gagawin and if you call them they will give you a run around then balik again sa square one . hangang sa magsawa ka ka fafallow up nakakapikon talaga. any way mern mediation this coming week sa dti will keep you all posted

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    Jun 2006
    Ano kaya reason ng black smoke na yan at pati idle meron.

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    Sep 2005
    medyo OT: pansin ko doon sa isuzu crosswind na kasabay ko nagpa-carwash upon starting and idle may black smoke din. similar din kaya ito sa tyt d4d issues?

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    Jun 2006
    hinde, it's because of the ancient engine design (it's non-common rail) But hey it's reliable. it doesn't choke. it goes and goes and goes. hehehe.

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