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    Jul 2012
    hi post post na lang po

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    Jul 2013

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    Oct 2012
    Weeee.... it brings me back to my memories in college days... our family used to owned small body corolla... also, this is the first car i drove... nice car!

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    Aug 2019
    Hi sirs and mam.

    I just wondering if you could help me out here. Nung kinuha ko po kasi ung corolla ko mga walang naka kabit doon sa thermostat housing and kinda confuse which goes where.

    mine is the AE82. so ung isa naka point downwards and ung isa after ng thermostat ung naka point upward/

    I just wonder kung alin po ba diyan ung sa thermoswitch and ung isa para saan? TIA

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