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    Sep 2005
    This reminds me of a commercial from the states I think...

    This guy delivers coca-cola drinks to a certain grocery placing the goods in the chiller... At its side is Pepsi stack, awhile late he went to the next stack to get a can of Pepsi while looking to see if there was someone looking, BTW he looked thirsty. His tough luck was the stack of Pepsi dropped! Hurriedly he hid the can in his jacket and continued stacking the coca-cola drinks while whistling as if nothing happened...

    I think that was cold, rude and funny...

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    Oct 2002
    thats cool dapat ganon ang mga ads, tirahan.

    Kaya lang dito kunyari lang may competition talaga.


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    Jun 2005
    i suggest you not do it......just complain to Honda management about your lemon city

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    Oct 2002
    the toyota guy will probably advise you to contact the media and let Tulfo do his dirty work for him

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    Mar 2005
    oo nga unfair naman yan business proposal, pano naman yun mga may matinong Honda cars? pangit yan siraan biz

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    Sep 2005
    This morning this occured to me...

    Its taken that all or almost all products sold here has its own share of problems and deffects.

    I think that its not a gentleman's understanding that drives these people not to use the weakness of the other for marketing... I think its the saying "What goes around, comes around".

    They are not sure that the products they sell are all 100% without deffect and so they cannot sling mud on a competitor unless they like to be hit with mud too.

    Just face it... ganun talaga... Just imagine... if you are 100% sure that the products you sell are really good... and you are after dominance wouldn't you do it? Principle or no principle bosses and stockholders only look at the bottomline of the finance report is it a big and resounding + or not.

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    Oct 2002
    They wont do it, neither will they bother doing a mud campaign against Honda, while they are competitors, they're not that "babaw" to resort to that tactic since the market is not that big.

    In addition, for every one report that they sling out about a Honda, I'm sure there will be Toyota owners that have had bad experiences as well.

    Parang local showbiz at politics ang dating... walang class ang lalabas.

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by MAXBUWAYA
    I think si Isla ba? Kapatid nung artista na si Joji Isla, yung sa Abanagan ang susunod na kabanata.
    hehe...kaya pala patawa ang mktg ng toyota (streamlining ng product)..."abangan ang susunod na (availabilty ng unit)"

    *in the meantime price increase muna kame*...hehe j/k lang po

    ay...kapatid lang pala

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Can anyone refer me to Toyota's marketing head?