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    Oct 2002
    I'll attest to the service of Toyota Pasong Tamo. They do an excellent job, plus the Service Advisors remember every single thing they worked on on your car. I've been bringing my Corolla there for the past 3 years. Downside for me lang is really the waiting time, kahit by appointment.
    Siguro they really service a lot of cars. But, I don't mind as long as they don't botch up any job done on my car.

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    Oct 2004
    Originally posted by boyscout
    para sa akin nung may toyota pa ako toyota manila bay ang the best. worst naman toyota otis.

    well yan naman ay para lang sa akin.

    Sir boyscout,

    Bakit mo naman nasabing worst ang toyota otis? Do you have any bad experience?

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    Jul 2003
    for me, although i have never been to any other toyota casa, kahit na taga malate kami, sa toyota commonwealth kami bumili at nagpapaservice... wala akong reklamo, may C! magazine pa doon while waiting hehe.. malaki pa lugar, malawak

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    Jun 2004
    Toyoto otis for me is ok kc malapit and they have improve their billing time, di gaya ng dati sobrang tagal at least 20-30mins. after your car is done bago lalabas ang bill.Be careful thou on some of their service crew medyo tamad pg di mo binantayan, they do actually skip some of the service check-up like checking the idling, cleaning of spark-plugs etc. kung dko pa sinabi di na nila gagawin! with the fact that it is included in your bill kainis! another experience i have is when i have them service my car for 30k check-up plus change oil/filter d ko na pinalinis brakes ko. pglabas ng bill pucha meron pang kasamang sand paper, rags, etc. miscelleneous eh la naman ako nakita ginamit na sand paper etc. basta chinek-up lang tapos! then sabi ng service adviser sinand paper daw yung oil filter para maganda ang fit! bull ****! i usually go there in the after noon aroung 1-1:30 la na masyado ngpapaservice madalas pagpunta ko my slot agad ako.

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    Feb 2004
    ok na ok toyota alabang! dun din ako nagpapaservice

    an dali magpa appointment. text lang pede na hehehe...

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    Jul 2003
    buti pa ibang toyota, sa commonwealth sobrang daming sasakyan naman nagpapaservice... dun kasi binili un car eh

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    Sep 2004
    Sorry kung ibump ko lang itong thread na ito...

    OK pa rin ba ang toyots otis ngayun?? cause it's the nearest to my place eh...


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    Oct 2002
    jeh beh, nagkaron ka ng tau gamma phi sticker? ayus un..

    ako sa toyota bal inc ako.
    madami din sila inaadd na ekk..
    gas additive at car care kit

    and 900 labor sa 10k pms ko.
    sparks, brake lang ang tinrabaho...
    hay... ansswerte nila. 900 agad... simple lang ung gagawin.
    gusto pa nila, sa kanila ung spark plug.
    dagdag kita nga naman sa kanila.
    kahit ako, kaya ko gawin ung magpalit lang ng spark plug.

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    i'm up for my 10k check in a few weeks. i've always gone to toyota makati (that's where i got my car eh). i know nothing about cars so i have no idea what they do during the regular PMS. ano kaya kung lumipat ako sa pasong tamo? my friend swears by the service there also.

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    Jan 2004
    Toyota Quezon Avenue is 10 minutes away from me but happily drive 40 minutes away to go to Toyota Shaw because Toyota Quezon Avenue spray painted my car with clear coat when i had my 1st 1km tune up. They didn't even admit that they were the ones who caused it.
    I brought my car to Toyota Shaw for a 2nd opinion and they said that they could repair it under warranty pa naman. So that's the reason why i always have my car serviced at Toyota Shaw.
    But i bought my car from Toyota Pasong Tamo. Sobrang layo naman. Also, do not get their tint. They installed tint that became blotchy in less than 10 months.

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