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    Mar 2004
    (The best for me is ae101 gli power and fuel efficient(kung dimo ihataw hehehe..)tested ko na po sa nlex 190km/hr* almost 6000rpm kahit altis ndi makahabol at honda civic na bago kasunod ko nga yung glxi na mitsu na nakamods pa 2000 mdel up di nya alam 4afe lang ang hinahabol nya hehehehe... )

    Same here, yujiboy.
    mine is an AE 101 gli, was running at NLEXat around 150 kph. halos na-overtake ko lahat na oto. then suddenly another car went by me . Vrrooomm!! it was an AE 92 corolla small body. I told my wife, mebbe it was already a souped up engine
    Have even tested my sturdy gli with a bmw, we were running flat out at macapagal hi-way from airport road going buendia. luckily, when we passed EDSA, it was a green light. di man siya nakalayo and di din ako naka-gain ng distance. when i looked at my speedo, it was clocking 180-190. naiwan namin ang fortuner

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    Jun 2008
    Matulin ang big body!!! Hehehe...yung sa barkada ko XL 1.3 carb'd napaabot ko 140km/h 4th gear di pa sagad!!! Katakot wala kasi tachometer...mind you, sa Batangas lang yun!!! pagbaba ng nga lang, lumalaklak ng gas!!! Ouch...pero tingin ko walang fun below 4000 rpm dun sa big body ng barkada ko...:D

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    Aug 2008
    i have a 90 corolla 1.6 SE limited ed (di ko alam engine, maybe you can enlighten me with this one, hehehe) napaabot ko ng 170kph sa NLE..kakatakot lang kasi nanginginig na ung steering wheel ko..left pampanga at around 1:10pm, i had work on xmas day of 2005 ng 2pm, nakapasok ako ng NLE at 1:30PM. dumating ako sa office ng 1:58PM..ngayon di ko na magawa yun dahil madami na radar far un ung the best car i had since ang bilis..pero trade off is lakas sa gas kasi carb type pa..hehehe

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    Sep 2005
    Para saken yung E120 series nila. Yung rolla XRS ko. Ang ganda kasi ng stock power niya.. some are just in the 170hp pero yung samen ay 190hp version. Pwede i tune from stock yung 170hp version to give out 190hp. Sabay naka M/T pa ako, saan ka pa?

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by 1D4LV View Post
    lahat naman ng corolla na lumabas are ok eh. starting from the corolla 74s (yung katapat ng mga EL type na Lancer, lakas makina), tapos yung box types na DX, yung first generation na multi-valves (yung XL, tsaka GL), tapos yung mga bilog, tsaka yung ngayon (yung brad pitt type).

    pero sa akin, the best pa rin is yung bilog (i think it was the 93-96 series)...ang pinaka ayoko is yung next dun (97-2000, yung maliit...pero nice engine..)
    good day sirs,

    yes i agree the 93-96 corolla model was the best. anyway, i have been a toyota fan since i was a kid and i am trying to research on toyota sprinter 70s model and starlet 80s models. do you know anyone who has a restored sprinter and starlet? or 1982 liftback model din. thanks a lot!

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    Sep 2005
    ...for me, my 1992 AE 101 (CBU Japan)...been using the car for 16 years...very that my son drives...minana na nya sa akin..and he wants to soup up the car...guys, do you where can i get genuine TRD parts and accessories?....thanks in advance....

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    Dec 2007
    my corolla '89 small body is by far the best rolla out there.

    Low maintenance cost, tipid sa gas (12 valve), so easy to set-up, mura ang parts nya...and matibay ang kaha...the darn thing saved my life once!

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    Oct 2008
    Speed? The CKD 1989 AE92 hands down. I was working at a Toyota dealer then.

    Looks and technological advancements? Of course the 10th gen. Problem with the 10th gen is it's much lower than the AE121, and much tighter inside. Seats are too close to the floor- like you're sitting in a go-cart squatting.

    Best compromise? the last batch AE121. It's tall and doesn't scrape speed bumps and inclines. And check out the leeeeggroooom!!

    So my answer- the AE121 1.8G.

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    Nov 2008
    mga paps ask ko lang if power steering na ba yung big body 1998 toyota corolla xl
    kasi ang pagkaka alam ko is pag XL di sya power steering pero yung mga corolla model 1998 and up ay mga power steering na.

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    Dec 2008
    AE101 model 97 GLi ..... big body baby

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