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    Quote Originally Posted by MUTTLEY View Post
    Any update on the waiting list?
    No ETA actually, but they are positive that no units will be arriving til the end of the year.

    Management might try to address the problem by muscling their way through some loose stocks, to address current demand, since sayang naman yung marketing momentum. I won't be surprised if this becomes another Ford Explorer incident wherein units suddenly sprouted in just a month, after the rush in orders. But that was more of a logistics problem. This is a case where supply itself can't keep up.

    Don't keep your hopes up though. The global demand for these cars isn't helping.

    Time for Hyundai to catch up on market share.


    What sucks with that Dubai ver. is the exhaust missing the standard tips. Look at how thin those tips look like, positioned on the diffuser.

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    Feb 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    If I was buying the GT86, I would be getting the base model without all the body and aero kits. A nice clean car with ***y lines.
    isang araw ko na iniisip etong T86 ah, pede pa post kayo ng pics dito ng toyota 86 na bare lang different colors. la ako time mag-search eh. sobrang nakaka-inspire ang tsikot na toh, pag nakabile ako neto ipagyayabang ko talaga 'to. this will enhance my image more, and therefore make more money

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    Quote Originally Posted by pop3corn View Post

    pero this one, almost perfect! maybe bec. this is the simplest model. no kits, no spoilers. I like this very much. parang bagong fairlady. swerte mo naman pictorange, siguro pulitiko ka dyan no?
    Totoo, the fewer things that are bolted onto the car, the better. You can really appreciate the sleek silhouette. IMO, if I have to dress up a car with a truck load of spoilers and body kits to make it look good, then that car probably wasn't designed to be aesthetically pleasing in the first place.

    Check out what they did with the "promotional" 86 when they launched it here. It looks so ricey and if I didn't know what the car actually looked like without all those things I wouldn't buy it: [ame=]Toyota 86 - UAE Launch Video - YouTube[/ame]

    Nope, di naman pulitiko LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by genesischain View Post

    What sucks with that Dubai ver. is the exhaust missing the standard tips. Look at how thin those tips look like, positioned on the diffuser.
    Having bought the entry level model (no choice, too excited [or too poor to keep spending a boat load of money on taxi fares because I was carless] to wait for the top-range), I can't complain about the things that actually came with it. Hindi sya masyadong bare bones. But you're right, they could have at least left the exhaust tips alone. I also hate the 16" wheels with the doughnut tires, pero sayang kung papalitan, pudpurin ko muna hehehehe.

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    The donuts are actually nice for the base model, so you feel less guilt when changing to aftermarket ones. Which makes me think, maybe that's also the idea behind that awkward exhaust?

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    bukas sa channel 11 QTV 9:30AM yung Turbo Zone Feel Your Drive papakita yung 86

    This week on TURBO ZONE! The long wait is over as Toyota Motor Philippines launches its powerful and lightweight 86 sports coupe! Celebrate another KIA milestone as it renews partnership with the Philippine Azkals. Experience the true sense of lending a hand as PCSO goes to Lipa for its medical mission. Find out what’s in and what’s hot with BPI Autoloans. Get to know Cong. Mark Villar and see his “mean” machine. Catch TZ, this Saturday, 9:30 am on GMA News TV!

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    *pop3corn: To see an actual unit, you could pass by along T. Morato (near ABS-CBN) there's one displayed in PW color.

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    Oct 2009
    a very very nice car. price is also not that expensive.

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    FYI, owner's manual says the engine was designed for RON 98 petrol. In areas where such fuel isn't available, RON 95 will do. So yung mga Shell V-Power et al lang ang pwedeng ikarga. Mahal!

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    98 RON ? Anong ginagawa ng Blaze 100...

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    Hachi-Roku now in Global City :D

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