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    Oct 2002
    We have the (im)famous Goon Squad HQ for all the rants, complaints, warnings, negative feedbacks regarding certain people, government agencies and officials, companies, services, even events and situations.

    One of's most popular forums, with 1,198 threads and 41,804 posts, we really did a lot of ranting in the GSHQ, mostly for good reasons and lofty objectives - to warn, to highlight, to put notice and even educate.

    But we do believe that there are also people, services, companies, even situations that make our day. There might not be that many, but we are sure that they are there out there.

    The everyday heroes, the honest companies, the best services. Filipinos all.

    They make us believe that indeed, not everything is bad and ugly in our country. In fact, they are the reasons why more and more Filipinos believe that there is a lot of hope for everyone.

    Our forums have been filled with a lot of negativism for so long and we at believe that it's time to spread some positivism around.

    Even Inquirer.Net has its Good News Section, why not tsikot.

    It is for these reasons that we are creating a new forum exactly just for this: to let Filipinos Shine!

    The present name, Thumbs Up Headquarters is a temporary name... sort of the Goon Squad HQ in reverse. Please suggest possible names for's newest forums.

    Thanks and Mabuhay and Pilipino!

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    Oct 2002
    likewise, another favor tsikoteers...

    if ever you come across a thread in the other forums (pitstop, etc) that should be belong to this forum, please post the URL/link here so that we can move/transfer them here.

    thanks. :car:

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    Jun 2006
    since its all about pinoys doing good, why not name it


    suggestion lang po

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    Jun 2006

  5. Join Date
    Sep 2006
    ummm how about "the gold squad"?

    in contrast to the goons

    la lang hehe

  6. Join Date
    Feb 2003
    "Pinoy Idol"

    a little cheesy but pwede na.

  7. Join Date
    Jun 2006
    How about

    "Heaven Sent"

    diba whenever we sigh of relief, we usually tell the person is heaven sent? hehe

  8. Join Date
    Dec 2002
    Real PINOYS!...or PINOY! Saludo Kami Sa Iyo!....

    Or whatever the name you would agree to put here, its just timely to put the other side of Pinoy ika nga (da positive side naman) para tularan at hangaan ng iba nating mga kababayan.


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    Oct 2006
    GOOD SQUAD HQ yung masama... why not try to name this the GOOD SQUAD HQ

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    Oct 2006
    GOON SQUAD HQ yung masama... why not try it with GOOD SQUAD HQ para sa mabuti (sorry mali una kong post suggest)

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