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    Sep 2003
    Matagal nang dapat ginawa ito. Most of the precincts nakakatakot puntahan.
    Yung mga primitive manual typerwriters, palitan na ng PCs. Minsan yung magsasampa ng reklamo, sa complainant pa nahingi yung mga pulis ng pambili ng bond paper para makagawa ng report.

    At alisin yung mga antuking desk officers!

    Kudos to Gen. Razon.

    Police Stations, Precincts to Undergo Needed ‘Facelift’

    The Philippine Star

    A number of police stations and police precincts in the capital region will have the much-needed facelift as part of the effort of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to bring the police closer to the community, according to Metro Manila Police chief Director Geary Barias. Barias said they are in the process of identifying which among the police stations and police precincts need repainting. There are almost 200 police stations and police precincts in Metro Manila.

    Barias said that the NCRPO does not have to shell out money to cover the expenses of these "facelift" operations, which would be very minimal. "Dito papasok ang pagtutulungan ng police, local government units at mga barangay. Hindi na kailangan bumayad ng gagawa, hihingi tayo ng tulong sa community," said Barias.

    The NCRPO chief said facelift of police offices will give the public the impression that they are welcome to lodge their complaints and other concerns on peace and order situation in the community.

    Earlier, PNP chief Director General Avelino Razon Jr. has issued guidelines to all the police commanders to ensure that all police stations are clean as part of his administration’s program to move the PNP forward so that "we can truly serve and protect the community."

    In a PNP commander’s manual prepared by Razon, the PNP chief said there must be uniform effort in "putting up of uniform, standardized and lighted panaflex "PULIS" signages nationwide in all police headquarters, offices, and stations and precincts for easy identification and location by the citizens."

    The commander’s manual also noted that offices must be clean and citizen-friendly and commanders shall ensure that bathrooms and toilets are not only clean but also smell clean. ****ographic materials, pin-ups or calendar shall be removed. The manual also stated there must be a change in attitude on how the PNP personnel relate with the citizenry.

    "In dealing with the citizenry, some of our policemen are perceived to be tamad (lazy), abusado (abusive), bastos (rude) and ayaw pa disiplina (refused to be disciplined). Often times, these policemen’s appearance, body language and even manner of speaking project an overbearing, aloof, and apathetic character. These traits are looked at as being brusko," stated the commander’s manual.

    Razon’s manual distributed to commanders said "there is a need to inculcate in our policemen that they should change the manner they deal with and handle the citizenry. "We should exert more efforts to be more citizen-friendly, courteous, provide prompt actions that is responsive to the request, deliver results expected and set the example of what a true protector and servant of the community is for all to emulate," Razon’s manual noted.
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    Sep 2004
    Dapat hindi yung police station yung i-facelift nila, pero yung mga mukha mismo ng pulis. Yung iba kasi, tanggalan mo ng uniporme, mukha ring goon, kaya nakakawalang ganang mag-report ng krimen.

    But DG Razon has a point. A decrepit police substation or precinct gives out a negative aura. Hindi kasi karespe-respeto.

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    Aug 2007
    dapat ayusin nila talaga yun para naman mag mukhang opisina ..

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    Mar 2006
    Kudos kay kababayan! Dapat nga ayusin di lang ung police stations kundi pati mga pulis mismo! One time na bumisita ako parang di pulis kausap ko e, ubod ng bastos sumagot e ang ayos naman ng pagtanong ko sa direksyon.

    ADD: Angeles maganda rin ginawa nya. Ung mga pulis na naka-bicycle at ung mga mounted cameras.

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    Apr 2005
    Naku eh napakagandang motivation yan para sa lahat!
    Sana tuloy tuloy lang at hindi ningas kugon!

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    Oct 2002
    I hope the PNP improves its overall image by improving the investigative and crime-solving competence of its ranks and not just give a nice window dressing for its HQ. As taxpayers, we want an able, honest and competent police force to ensure peace and order. Bigyan mo nga ng magandang patrol car, baril at opisina pero kung corrupt at merong racket, wala rin.

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    Oct 2002
    lalo lang yayabang yan mga yan...

    isabay na nila pag tanggal sa mga police scalawags.

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    Oct 2002
    Di labas ang problema, yung mga nasa loob hehehe.

Police Stations, Precincts to Undergo "Facelifts"