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    Jul 2007
    Suzuki has this new X-Head concept xuv. It looks weird to me but maybe it will be practical for use in the province, in the farm or even for the beach? Give your comments please.

    Suzuki's Snub-Nosed Mini Rig

    The Japanese carmaker's X-Head cross utility vehicle concept offers unique utility in a tough-as-nails wrapping

    By Stuart Schwartzapfel

    Japanese manufacturer Suzuki has been crafting some pretty cool concept cars lately. The menacing Kizashi Concept Sedan previewed at the Frankfurt Show back in September.

    There's more bold design in store for us at next month's Tokyo Motor Show when Suzuki unveils the Kizashi 2 and X-Head Concepts. Kizashi 2 is a more rugged, off-road version of the original concept that debuted in Frankfurt while X-Head is a chunky, Tonka-truck-like "cross-utility vehicle."

    It seems the X-Head Concept is meant to serve as an all-in-one camper, rescue vehicle, and style icon. A main feature is that it can hold various load-bed units, which means that the rear section can be reconfigured for assorted purposes. The Camper allows two adults to sleep in comfort while a unit called the Fashion provides what Suzuki is calling "stylish urban mobility." The Rescue unit is designed for rescue operations in a wide range of road conditions. Specific details of how this would work in reality are still scarce.

    Despite its absurdly high ground clearance (thanks to those monster tires), the X-Head seems compact. This blend of high ride height and dense vehicle dimensions makes for one tough-looking, stout workhorse. It's as if BMW's Mini brand took on a commercial grade tractor-trailer.

    If you dig the rough and tough SUV aesthetic pioneered by classics like the Jeep CJ-7, Land Rover Defender, International Scout, and Ford Bronco, pray that Suzuki brings this very cool concept to life.

    The Verdict: A snub-nosed mini-rig ready to traverse hell on a bad day.

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    Jul 2007
    i just hope that they won't give it that 3 cylinder engine!

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    Jul 2006
    yikes. It will be a nightmare to drive that in a highway.

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    May 2006
    Hindi masama ganyang tipo ng sasakyan gusto ko

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    Jul 2007
    From Top Gear:

    Yellow fever

    One of the best bits of the Tokyo motor show is soaking up all the genuinely deranged concepts on display: bizarre visions of the future that go way beyond the standard gull-wing doors and plasma screen interiors.
    Just like this: the Suzuki X-Head. A flexible flatbed off-roader - we think - it's a Tonka toy for grown-ups.
    And we love it. The X-Head's schtick is that the load-bed can hold various different 'units', transforming it into a camper van, a builder's ute or even an emergency vehicle.
    We know that the X-Head is a bit over three-and-a-half metres long - which makes it a bit shorter than a Jeep Wrangler - and that it'll be powered by a 1.4-litre engine, but beyond that it's all a bit of a guess.
    All we know is that we want one. We're on a mission to find out more at the Tokyo show later this month.

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    May 2006
    Perfect for the provinces. Naturally, a lot will scorn this in Manila streets.

    It ain't no surprise that design concepts for utility trucks like these border the tonka look, like the all new Land Cruiser. I hope that they complement those robust 33"(?) tires with beefy axles because those beadlock rims will definitely taste some off-road action.

    They can also try toning down the SUZUKI badge in the front grille so that it won't be mistaken for a tractor. The cabin's large windows are for good visibility but they really have to do something about those side mirrors which looks like they ripped of one of their Suzuki Sportbikes. Too small.

    Powerplant should be at least a V6 with a lifeline to a LSD with extra lockers as option.

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    Oct 2002
    nice!!! i like! better than the jimny! hehehe

    parang ngang tonka truck :D

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    Aug 2004
    Nah... V6? Too big.

    If this were to serve as a true utility vehicle, I'd go for a turbodiesel 2.5... definitely with the lockers, though...

    Cute! I even like the over-sized logo... brash, confident, and in-your-face.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    diesel would be better. but i think suzuki doesn't carry diesel engines. they only do partnership with other diesel engine manufacturers.

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    Jul 2007
    top gear said it would be powered by 1.4 liter engine... then maybe it would really compare just to the jimny! sana nga kung 2.5 liter na diesel

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