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    Oct 2002

    Serious ka ba dyan sa project vechicle na yan??? I also have similar thoughts on that multicab/super carry mini dream project would be called - hardcore 4x4 at less than P100K budget.

    The chop-chop importers in cebu can even provide it as low as 3 for P100K....Kumpleto na you just have to assemble it (if hindi pa buo).

    I figure if you buy/sellect "each part independently" to create your project baka less than P50K lang ang aabutin.

    I am considering this a next year project (nag-iipon pa ako e).

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    Oct 2002
    last month nagtanong ako, 115th. 4x4 stock.
    may 4x2 din, less 5th.

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    Jan 2003
    I got interested in these vehicles when I ssaw them in Cebu about 2 years ago. The one I checked out was a 4x4 pero nung tinest drive ko, i found out that it only had a single sspeed T-case. In effect 2H and 4H. It is possible to adapt the tcase of a samurai for this. The one problem I encountered with them is the rear wheels propensity to slip and spin all the time when the vehicle articulates. Masyado kasing magaan ang bed. For these to have proper traction on the trail, I suggest adding 2 sacks of sand on the bed or actually putting passengers just right above the wheel well kasi pwede naman lagyan ng silya at bubong. This can be a very neat trail supply carrier. Medyo nakakatakot lang nga sa steep incline kasi nung binaba ko sa sa isang mound, natakot yung mayari dahil parang magtu-tumbling yung sasakyan (face first). The weight on the rear has to be held in place so as not to upset the balance of the vehicle. Cute nga siya with those kargador tires. You can even put a small 2000 lb winch on the front or rear and that should take you to a lot of places.

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    Nov 2002
    may models ng transfer na walang 4L but there are others man na 2H, 4H, and 4L. my cousin has one naka diff lock na remote, remote din ang locking hubs ala ranger and complete may 4L. but you are right na it spins its wheels a lot not only during articulation but when backing up steet inclines and the brakes are well what do you expect. but it can out run a gen1 pajero non turbo.

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    Oct 2002

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    Oct 2002
    parang magandang service yan para kay misis.... baka may contact kayo dyan sa cebu? 3 for 100k? not bad

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    Oct 2002
    We're also thinking about this for our fishponds in Misamis. Its small size and 4WD capability would enable us to drive it inside the ponds, bewtween the canals...

    3 for 100K??? Interesting... Group deal??? :nerd:

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    Oct 2002
    panic buying na ng zook!!!

  9. FrankDrebin Guest
    3 for 100K???

    Aba ok yan. Hindi ko na kailangan makipag-debate sa mrs. ko dyan.

    tapos kapag tumirik sa trail, iaankas ko lang sa cargo bed ni kimpoy.

    *mr. green*

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    Jul 2003
    I have thought of getting one before but my friend from Suzuki Philippines said the after sales parts of these mini carriers are difficult to find. I don't know how true naman yun. I think if finding replacement parts is not a problem, Ok mag-project nito -- very affordable na toy and errand vehicle.

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