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    Jan 2007
    *wraithblade copied from another thread:

    APV: semi sport suspension, you can corner in fast cornering, at high speed (up to 120km/h)
    Avanza: soft suspension, watchout the rear suspension, don't go fast with this when cornering.
    In this term, I prefer semi sport suspension - I had bad experience with soft suspension, the previous car I ride was old isuzu hilander - almost tipped over in certain fast cornering :-p
    I said it is semi-sport, not sport, since your "components" inside your stomach won't feel shaken or stirred :-p

    Front Disc Brake
    APV: uses ventilated disc brakes, disc brake won't fade/hot much when doing a long period of braking, especially in long descending road.
    Avanza: uses ABS, but no disc ventilation - brake will fade easier.
    This is fine if you always drive alone/not much load in the car, or not pass thru descending road in long time.

    APV: every row has roomy leg room, so all passenger will be happy.
    Avanza: third row is not enough leg room, only second row is happy. Third row can afford only 2 person but still not good leg room.

    Both have around the same power, but Avanza 1.5 is ofcourse accelerate better due to better power to weight ratio.
    APV 0 - 100km/h: around 13,22 seconds
    Avanza 1.5: around 12,5 seconds
    Avanza 1.3: around 14,1 seconds
    Not much differ, unless you're really-really wants to hurry, heheheh :-p

    Better take double blower, to give better cooling to the third row.

    Built Quality
    better APV than Avanza a bit. Felt cheap with Avanza, at least this is not good enough for me.
    Try to close the APV door(s) and Avanza door(s) in normal way, you'll hear different sound in here.

    You can load many things with APV, it will do it for you. The cabin volume & the rear suspension is more than enough.
    Avanza is more like sedan cars with children in the third row, so the idea in designing the car is ofcourse different in here.

    You can use up to 20-inch alloy wheel in APV, if you prefer, since it has very big wheel well.
    And it's easy to lower the rear suspension, since it's still using leaf spring, just like American pickup trucks.

    Main decision:
    how much people will you bring with the car?
    7 person or 8 ?
    Avanza will be fine up to 5 adult person and 2 children at third row.
    APV will haul 8 adult person/children in comfort.

    OK, that might give you the picture between them.

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    Nov 2006
    Just had my 5,000km check up at Suzuki Kalookan. All check up and change oil are free of charge as covered under the 2yr/20,000km free service and parts warranty. Di ako umabot ng 6 months kse mas naunang umabot ng 5,800km yung APV ko. Reason: kse sobrang sarap gamitin, laging me outing, at araw araw kong na syang ginagamit! In other words: sobrang happy ako (and the whole family) with our APV (since we got it last Nov 31, 2006)!

    Attached are new photos with the upgrade. OEM front bumper chrome (parang naging full lips na sya, upper and lower), OEM rear spoiler with 3rd brake lamp), OEM rain visor, OEM tail pipe end, tapos 3M full black tint (yung harap at likod pinagawa ko ulit ng buo walang hati sa Winterpine), leather seat cover, reverse back up sensors, SHARK roof rack, tapos pakita ko lang ulit yung driver's side assist handle . Lahat to kasama sa package na nahingi ko sa Suzuki.

    I add up a portable Nextbase DVD player to keep the kids glued to their seats .

    To all of those who are still thinking of getting APV, don't have 2nd thoughts na! Get APV na sobrang ganda! Just look at C! Magazines' review rating on APV = 4 1/2 stars sya (out of 5)! Me rating din Avanza pero kayo na tumingin hehe.


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    Mar 2007
    Alam nyo...dumadami na ang APVs. I reside along Sumulong Hiway dito sa Antipolo, ilan-ilang APV na akong nakikita. Yipeee

    People are beginning to take the APV serious these days.

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    Nov 2006
    tama silang who's the winner, avanza, innova, or an apv? now you know who's the winner for both your needs and for your money. once you get your own apv, at least may club ka sila, wala pa!!!

    aside from that, apv is fully customziable (and pimp-my-ride-able) as compared sa innova and is not compromised since you are given free inspections, replacements, and check-ups. eh yung avanza at innnova? wala!!!!

    kaya apv ka na..hehehe...sorry for the bragging, but i can't help why my family has chosen a suzuki for almost two generations. :D my family kasi has owned a suzuki super carry (gen1) and the new apv (gen2). and so far as we have observed, no problems were encountered.

    kaya bro, mag suzuki apv na! hehehe.

    *ma;am funtabulous5: the reason why the innova spare tire was stolen is that because una, toyota siya. as a toyota, medyot sikat sa mga aftermarket, kaya syempre madaling nakawin sa suzuki, humble kasi kaya di nananakawan...:D

    interested in knowing much about your apv? log-in now at for details.

    remind ko lang po, the clubcarry philippines will be having its monthly eb:
    where: pioneer center, pasig city
    when: april 21, 2007
    time: 3pm-5pm

    1. sticker/logo creation/editing/suggestion applicable to all suzuki rides.
    2. photoshoot - provided there are multiple makes (apv, swift, esteem, etc, aside from super carry and scrum)
    3. cover website for club carry design.

    thanks guys, and more power to our apv's!!!
    ps: i need at least 3 more apv owners who are able to attend para madecide na ang logo for club carry philippines. sayang naman kung walang voices from our fellow apv owners diba? hehehe.

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    Nov 2006
    nga pala din guys, have you heard about the suzuki apv buyers, beware thread? i checked out this story, and everything was a lie.

    the real reason why the apv became "possessed" was that the wife (who does not know how to drive an a/t) did not stepped on the brake pedal immediately after shifting to D. instead, natapakan nya ang gas pedal and shifted to reverse. kaya ganun ang nangyari...

    hope this would enlighten us all, that if you dont know how to drive an a/t na apv, then dont! sayang lang ang binayaran mo kung ibabanga mo yun. :D

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    Nov 2006
    Note: Carry Meeting 4 EB Sched for April 21 2007 is rescheduled.

    hi everybody,

    the eb scheduled this saturday, april 21, will be moved instead on april 28, 2007. no changes shall be made as to the place (pioneer center, pasig), and time (3-5pm), as agreed upon by the members that every last saturday should the EB be held.
    sorry for the inconvienience. thanks and god bless!

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    Mar 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by j-six View Post

    the real reason why the apv became "possessed" was that the wife (who does not know how to drive an a/t) did not stepped on the brake pedal immediately after shifting to D. instead, natapakan nya ang gas pedal and shifted to reverse. kaya ganun ang nangyari...
    tsk,tsk,tsk.... that explains it. Inamin ba ng wife niya?

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    Nov 2006
    yep....she told it personally if i am not mistaken to the former suzuki auto shaw manager. (nagresign na siya because the former manager before him returned, and sinabi niya yun sa kanya).

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    Nov 2005
    musta mga naman pag nag eb kayo ha..para makita namin eb..salamat po

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    Mar 2007
    Tanong lang. Ngayon lang akong nag-palit ng gulong ng APV. The spare is NOT using alloyed mags, just a regular rim. Ganito ba talaga ito?

    Nagpatanong na ako sa suki namin 'zuki supplier, nasa 10T pala ito! Shock ako.

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