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    Oct 2002
    Nagkaroon ng lukot sidewall ko nung tinakbo ko ng 28psi

    sabi dapat 30psi daw pero bagsak pa din

    ok lang ba 33psi?

    gulong ko
    Rainsport 1

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    Oct 2002
    Check what's teh max pressure rating for the tire and you're safe in any pressure setting below it. You can safely go to 35psi IMO (we do that with our cars sometimes).

    Try experimenting with the variuos psi set-ups until you get what you feel is the best compromise between performance and comfort. On our cars, i usually run 31-33psi (not much tire squeal during cornering and better road feel).

    Running on a higher psi rating for your 45series tires will also help protect your rims from damagae or "bingkong" a little more and also improve your fuel mileage a bit.


Whats the best tyre pressure for a 45series tire?