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    Jan 2006
    Mga tsikot Guros,

    Tanong lang about a squeaking sound coming from the suspension arm area every time I brake or traverse an uneven road. I tried jerking the front driver side pero hindi ko malocate ang pinag gagalingan. Sa right side lang nag gagaling. Baka lang may naka experience na ng ganon ingay. Maraming Salamat!

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    Aug 2006
    First thing I would do is jack the car up and see if everything is well tacked... Check your bushings, mounts, spring pads, etc...

    Oh, and when asking such questions, don't forget to give more info about your ride...

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    Jan 2006

    Isuzu Trooper, UBS69.

    Thank you. Did that already di ko pa rin ma pin point kung saan galing. I have soaked all the bushings with oil and yet meron pa rin squeaking.

    Sa mga Jap SUV tsikoters, advece namn in case you had or have the same suspension problem.

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    Sep 2006
    Not familiar with your car but try to inject grease if you can't remove the bushings.Usually worn out bushing are the one causing the squicky sound.

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    Nov 2002
    you soaked the bushings with oil? bid them farewell as oil and rubber dont mix, it will make them soft and break faster. have you looked at the ball joints? check the rubber if they are torn, if they are they might be rusted inside.

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    Jan 2006
    Salamat sa mga payo ninyo.

    Pinaliguan ko siya ng oil. Tumulo din naman yung excess. I also tried injecting oil sa upper and lower ball joint para ma lubricate.

    More power po sa inyo!!

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    Nov 2003
    why oil? it should at least be grease.

    why not just have it checked at a suspension place? they will have more experience than you in finding the noise.

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    Jan 2006
    Than You to all that gave advice!

    Naayos ko na yung noise problem! Medyo matrabaho lang. Dont know whether it will apply to your ride but this is what i have done.

    1) Jack up your and remove the wheel where you hear the the squeaking.

    2) Have a trouble light and a syringe with engine oil and the longest needle. The target area is deep inside the suspesion arm.

    3) Locate the washer in the area after the rubber bushing.

    4) Ang target area na malubricate is the fulcrum pin. It is a heavy metal shaft that crosses the upper suspension arm assembly and connects the two rubber bushings.

    5) Lagyan ninya na rin yung sa lower suspension arm para sure. Remember yung bolt inside he bushings ang kailangan malubricate and not the rubber bushing.

    6) Makupad lang ang daloy ng oil sa syringe kaya have patience.

    I hope this technic will work for you.

Squeaking Noise at the front suspension!!