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    Oct 2002
    Thanks for the advice otep. pacheck ko nalang

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    Oct 2002
    master Djerms,
    just wanted to know kung anong adjustments or repairs ginawa nila sa ride mo and most importantly, how much damage sa bulsa . I have a similar problem on my ride. tagal ko ng pinagtyatyagaan.
    yun sakin, di naman malikot pero hindi steady yung steering wheel pag nagmamaheno. pag tagilid sa left kalsada, nag swe-swerve ako to the left, and same thing pag tagilid to the right ang kalsada. kaya bawi na lang ng bawi gawa ko sa steering. parang meron lumuwag sa steering gear box or something.
    di naman misaligned, kasi kung nasa level/flat road ako, di naman sya nag-swe-swerve.
    anyways, basta ganun. my prob is similar to what you described.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Djerms
    definitely hindi po sa wheel balancing un kasi kakapa-balance ko lang ng wheels ko. I'll check into it na rin when i have my wheels aligned.

    un nga ang duda ko eh. Dun sa gearbox? Talaga bang lumuluwag un? Yup pag nakapark, mga 2" na ang naiikot right and left. So what should i do with this? do i have to spend for something?

    lumuluwag talaga yan DIY lang yakang yaka yan screw driver lang at no. 12 na wrench. masama din ang sobrang higpit dapat tama lang.

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    Oct 2002
    If your powersteering gearbox needs to be serviced, I can vouch for afrasay's cousin (or uncle hehehehe). I had him overhaul my gearbox a few weeks ago and palit lahat ng o-rings, gaskets, etc. which I brought with me (OEM for Suzuki). Took us about 4 hours. Total cost? P800 lang. Matagal lang kasi ang pag pull-out. Pero yung overhaul and pagbalik, mabilis lang.

    Kasi my problem was this: I used to have about a 1.5-2inch play on my steering wheel. Even though I adjusted the tensioning screw on the gearbox, nandun pa yung play inspite of the steering becoming stiff. Pinalit ko na lahat na dapat ipalit: tierod, rackends, ball joint, idler arm bushing. Tapos I noticed that when I do turns either to the left or right, may intermittent roughness. When the gearbox was opened, I saw for myself na madumi na yung PS fluid sa loob with a layer of sludge. Some o-rings and gaskets were worn out already. Pinalit lahat. I also found out that my centerlink needed replacement already. Zukie drives like new now.

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    Oct 2002
    Thanks Doc Wiretap. I'll try to reach Afrasay for info. Mukhang kailangan na rin ayusin ang steering box ko.

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Maluwag na steering (steering gurus pls help..sir afrsay?!)