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    Dec 2007
    Hindi rin.

    Cutting springs is NEVER a good idea. Compressing them to get a lower ride height is just as bad.

    Invest in proper lowering springs. Parang awa mo na sa kotse at sa mga pasahero mo.

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    Oct 2002
    sayang yung springs ah.... tsk.tsk.tsk.
    imho, a 1.5 inch drop is not bad....

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by MXFX View Post
    i guess late na din. ok lang ang putol kung tama ang gawa. may mga kasama ako dito na nagputol ng lowering springs at naka cuv (h and r) at ok naman. dapat inantay mo muna mag "settle" mga ilang linggo. tapos doon ka mag consider kung papuputol.
    Yes it is possible to cut springs so as long as you do it methodically like weighing the springs and not base it on estimates on the physical appearance of the coil. Also, you can't use a torch like what happened here because the extreme heat will weaken the metal especially at the remaining end where the cut took place.

    I once saw a torched set and the front set snapped after mounting


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    Jun 2005
    i guess doable, but not that easy as it seems. the only reason the ones i know who did theirs is the limited spring options, the huge gap on the wheel well, and they wanted more than 1.5" drop. thanks to the thread, now i remember again the urge to drop mine with h and r's .

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    Oct 2002
    possible? yes

    good idea? still no

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    Oct 2002
    double post? yes
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    Nov 2008
    paps,gusto ko sana paputol yung stock sping ko para ma lowered yung oto ko.ano kya effect sa ride?pero bago palit na yung shock ko yesterday lahat pinalitan ko na yung 4pcs gas type yumg pinalit ko.mahal kasi yung lowering spring kya inisip ko putol nalang.need advise mga paps!

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    Oct 2002
    Cutting your stock springs is a short cut to destroying your car's suspension.

    Don't believe me? ... go ahead ... its your money.

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    Feb 2005
    pag pinutol mo springs mo, wag mo na lang itakbo yung auto, i display mo na lang. iparada mo na lang sa harap ng bahay para di masira yung shocks at ibang suspension parts. pag ginamit mo, ipon ka agd ng pera pambili ulit ng suspension parts.

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    May 2006
    Here sir, read this guideline for lowering your car. The suspension you save may be your own


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