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    May 2004
    nag bawas ang brake fluid ng strada ko hanggang kalahati na tsek ko sya mga 4 days ago puno naman, sinalinan ko na ulit hanggang ngayon di sya nagbabawas ulit 2 days ko nang gnagamit, di naman kumakabig & paranamang walang tagas . ano kya nangyari?

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    Dec 2002
    Could be a leak in the brake booster or a slight leak in one of the brake lines that only shows when hot. Get it checked and buy a brake master repair kit.

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    Oct 2002
    Ipaangat mo sa local gas station at tignan mo kung may leak sa lahat ng wheel cyl. and also check for leaks sa master cyl. and slave. (secondary). The fluid must have been going somewhere.

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    Nov 2003
    yep, probably either a leak in the master. if not there then in the caliper or the drums.

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    Jan 1970
    pag sa rear drum breaks ung leak, its very unnoticable since you can't see the lines.. ganyan nangyari sakin.

brake fluid nagbawas