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    Subaru Cars, Wagons, SUVs, Crossovers | Subaru of America
    Subaru BRZ Concept Car | LA Auto Show Grand Unveiling
    Letting Ideas Lead the Way with the Subaru BRZ Concept-STI-

    Grand Unveiling at the Los Angeles Auto Show

    The Subaru BRZ Concept – STI is a study of the sports car distilled to its essence, and it's unveiling in a sneak preview event, November 16 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

    The Subaru BRZ Concept – STI sports a lightweight design with nimble performance. One of the newest features is the 2.0-liter SUBARU BOXER® engine that sits lower and farther back in the engine well, enhancing the torque and handling while offering greater fuel efficiency and power. It's light, agile and totally dialed in to the driver.

    See it at the LA Auto Show from November 18-25, 2011. After that, the 2013 BRZ will make its international appearance on November 30 in Tokyo, while the U.S. production model will be unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

    Subaru - Confidence in Motion
    BRZ Concept

    Sometimes the biggest ideas are really the simplest. Reduce size, cut weight, better the balance, and you'll dial up the thrill with agility and quickness. The SUBARU BRZ CONCEPT‐STI‐ is a promise of what driving could be and an exploration of how a driver's car should be made. Dialed all the way up.

    Lightweight Design

    You can see in its tight dimensions and weight-saving carbon fibre used in the roof panel, front spoiler and rear wing, the SUBARU BRZ CONCEPT‐STI‐ announces a commitment to losing weight to quicken performance and lessen our impact. From concept to reality, excess is avoided, and only that which enhances the drive will be added.

    New Boxer Engine

    A new vision reveals a new engine. The 2.0-litre SUBARU BOXER engine was overhauled right down to its basic structure and retuned with advanced D-4S injection to enhance its natural smoothness and torque. Both direct and indirect injection on each cylinder optimises the air and fuel mixture, for greater fuel efficiency and power.

    Low Centre of Gravity

    The pistons in the SUBARU BOXER engine are laid out horizontally, so the engine lays flatter. Then we mounted it much lower to the ground and moved it closer to the driver. It promises a closer connection between driver and car, steering and response, hands and heart.

    [SIZE=5]REAR-WHEEL DRIVE[/SIZE] (yes, tama iyang nababasa niyo!) *_____*

    Unexpected, but not unprecedented, the SUBARU BRZ CONCEPT‐STI‐ gives shape to a new front-engine, rear-wheel-
    drive platform. A configuration simply unmatched at delivering a dynamic handling character, for a car that will be devoted to
    delighting the driver.

    too bad wala pa ko decent pic ng front and rear view pero from the looks of those pics, i think you can already imagine it na agad hehe!

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    Mukhang lalabas yan sa local market next year!!!

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    S2K front-end with an M1 coupe rear-end, anyone?

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    Throw a turbocharged 2.5L and it will become a nice opponent for the Nissan 370Z....

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    2.5l turbo with a bigger intercooler, ported head, forged pistons, high flow oil pump, high capacity oil pan, cams, intake, exhaust, Ecutek software or Link ECU, AP Racing Pro 5000 brake kit with ss braided lines and Performance Friction pads, forged wheels, KW Coilovers, 050 tires saraaaaaaaaaaaaaap

    Recaro seats pa pala
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    It's a very nice effort of Toyota-Subaru, but I felt aloof of a non-AWD Subaru. I heard of some complaints of being too much identical to the GT86 and the Scion/Toyota version getting more attention. Subaru could have installed AWD to not dilute it's brand flavor and give its BRZ, more identity over its stablemates.

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    AWD would be a cool feature, then it could be an interesting "low-cost" opponent to the Nissan GT-R

    Maybe an AWD version would be released if the BRZ replace the Impreza as the official Subaru model for the WRC...

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    Those Singaporeans are lucky. The BRZ will be launched there in April: Motor Image e-Newsletter | Vol. 47 (March 2012) | The BRZ Launch

    Japan gets it by end March: Subaru BRZ Japan Edition To Be Launched in March - Singapore Motoring News -

    I hope MI surprises us with a display unit at MIAS. Next questions are, will they sell it here, when and how much?
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2013 Subaru BRZ Concept STi