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    Jan 2005
    pikit mata kay bonzi. hopefully, he shows up to play this season. after all its rick adelman calling the shots now.

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    Dec 2003
    asa pa!! :evillaugh

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    Oct 2002
    Last round..... rookie time

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    Oct 2002
    CAN YOU SHUT UP??? Zero is just annoying

    Arenas says Wizards have magic to win EastBy Roscoe Nance, USA TODAY

    Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas is not among those anointing the rebuilt Boston Celtics as the team to beat in the East.

    "That made them better," Arenas said. "But at the end of the day, they still have to play basketball."

    Arenas' pick to win the East? The Wizards, of course.

    "When we were healthy, we were the best team (last season)," he said, pointing out that the Wizards were never completely healthy most of last season.

    Arenas said the addition of free agent James Posey is the real key for Boston.
    "Adding Posey made them a playoff team," Arenas said. "They got three players (Garnett, Allen and Paul Pierce) who can dominate in their own way. They need somebody to do the dirty work."

    Arenas said defense will be the key to the Wizards' success. "We already have the offense," he said. Arenas (28.4 points), Caron Butler (19.1) and Antawn Jamison (19.8) formed the league's highest-scoring trio of teammates.

    Arenas, along with adidas, this week announced the launch of the GIL II Zero collection, says he has completely recovered from the knee surgery that ended his season, other than "a little normal soreness." He is predicting an MVP- caliber season.
    "If we can get to 50-55 wins, I'm a heavy (MVP) candidate," he said. "I'm going to do what I do."

    Arenas doesn't expect Etan Thomas and Brendan Haywood, who shared playing time at center, to come to blows again this season. He looks for Haywood to start with Thomas backing him up.

    "No matter if Etan is the starter or the backup, he's going to give you the same kind of energy and the same kind of play," Arenas explained. "Brendan will give you three-four (strong) games (off the bench) because he's mad, then he's going to tank it."
    The Gil II Zero collection launch is tied into an NBA game. The first of 20 shoes debuts
    Nov. 23.

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    hindi ba 13 rounds tayo? :confused: patapos pa lang ng round 11

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    Oct 2002
    Dyoskopo pakibilisan 2slow... every round sayo nahihinto hehehe.

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    GMs may GM sa kabilang league na nagsasabing League S tayow :snob:

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    Dec 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed View Post
    Dyoskopo pakibilisan 2slow... every round sayo nahihinto hehehe.
    Im living up to my name.! hahaha
    next pick!

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    Aug 2005
    Tsk...tsk... parang may kumaha ng kodigo ko ah....

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    Oct 2002
    Commish needs to be banned as well... almost 5hrs now grrr.

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