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    Dec 2003
    Iba yung effect sa aking ng ibang vitamins other than centrum eh...

    kapag centrum yuung ininum ko kahit puyat me palagi Ok lang yung pakiramdam ko hindi ganu ako hapo.. pero minsan pag enervon ininum ko medyo madali me antukin...

    Depende lang siguro sa katawan ng iinum yuun.. much better to ask your doctor...

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    Oct 2002
    vitamin c & e ako at calcium for my aging bones.

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    Jan 2003
    There is a lie detector for multivitamins now available here in the Philippines. It's called The Biophotonic scanner. You could search over the internet or check out and just search for it. I guess this pretty much will answer your questions on the pricing of multivitamins. What use is the price if it doesn't do any good or at least enhance and improve your body's functions? There is now a way to measure how effective your multivitamins are.

    In taking , multivitamins from other countries is risky. there are a lot of ingredients included which are not that beneficial to our body. They were designed for the lifestyle and diet for that certain country. For example, us multivitamins are for us diets and bodies. They are not suitable for us Filipinos since they were formulated for Americans. omega 3 fatty acids in most multivitamins from low temperature countries are much higher since they need this to maintain body heat. Yes there are more vitamins with some other brands from other countries but are you sure that they are beneficial to your diet? Take note, they are food supplements not drugs.

    One last note, the yellow urine shows the ineffectiveness of the multivitamin. This simply means that your body is rejecting what you just took in. There are requirements for certain vitamins and minerals to be fully absorped by the body. An example would be calcium. Calcium can't be absorbed by the body as calcium alone. Calcium needs magnesium, pottasium and other minerals to be fully absorbed.

    A simple explanation would be having ingested a foreing substance. Being a foreign substance the body will right away find out. Since it isn't formulated in such a way as how the body knows, what it does is your body will just reject it and excrete it through your urine.

    I'm taking Lifepak. A comprehensive nutritional wellness program. : )

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    May 2004
    centrum ako.. never pa nagkasakit ng malala or kahit lagnat since i started taking it... mga 1 year narinÜ

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    Oct 2002
    ano bang multivitamins ang formulated here that caters to our diet and country's condition? lahat naman yata ng multivitamins were formulated abroad.

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    Oct 2002
    ascorbic acid lang....kulang ako sa vit. C eh..kaya pag sinipon, sira na buong araw ko. :D

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    Jun 2004
    Noteworthy: Vitamins aren't tailored country-specific. Whoever told you that is just full of BS. Formulation for multivitamins such as Centrum or Kirkland are based on meeting RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and sometimes they based it on W.H.O. standards but never based on your country-specific diet. Generally, multivitamins only aim to meet 100% of RDA, to prevent nutritional deficiencies. All humans are the same. W.H.O. uses a standard that applies to ALL countries around the world. Lack of Vit C can cause scurvy to whites, blacks, asians, hispanics all the same. RDA for Vit C is 60mg. This is why most multi-vit only has 60mg of it.

    Some multi-vit, the expensive ones, strive for higher doses, mainly the anti-oxidants (C, E, grapeseed, pinebark,co-q10, etc.). Some multi-vit take caution you don't overdose on fat soluble vitamins such as A and E, so they only put just a little in there.

    As for Omega fatty acids, lowering their body heat is not the reason people pay good money to take Omega fatty acids. It's been well documented to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and lower your risk on certain kinds of cancer. There's no RDA on these and you won't find these included in your Centrum or Kirklands. The expensive multi-vit will have these.

    Yellow urine is not a sign of vitamin ineffectiveness, it's a sign of excess. It means you're taking too much of it. To experiment, chew on 60mg of vit C and then check your urine. Wait 6 hours and chew on 1 gram of vitamin C and then check your urine.

    The thing with multi-vitamins is, they can't put everything in one pill. People don't like to take more than 1 pill and they want the pill to be small. It's a struggle for these companies to try and figure ways to cram all these into 1 small easy-to-swallow pill. The multi-vit I'm taking is 6 capsules a day. Imagine how many people will agree to that.
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    Oct 2002
    On the formulation issue, my opinion would be check on the labels...

    Vitamin A - you need this for good eyesight. so if you feel that you have malabong eyesight or may need for night vission accuracy ng mata then you can benefit from taking these. Mind you too much of Vit A is also bad...because these are not natural origin....I would suggest betacarotene class instead...the body can convert to vit can get these from carrots (I use to drink a glass of fresh made carrot juice a day) or green leafy veggie. You'll also have good sking texture if you have good levels of vit A or its natural precursor betacarotene.

    Vit D - you can get it from the sun - morning sun - bet 6-9am. Beyond that time, too much exposure to the sun can get you skin cancer - warts. Oral supplements not needed unless you are never allowed to go out.

    Vit E - anti-oxidant. I don't know to detect the need for it, but when I took about 300mg to 400mg of it...i have BETTER STAYING POWER IN BED! yun lang po.

    Vit C - reducing agent. Combining vit E and vit C would probably be a no-no because the vit E would simply oxidize the vit C and thus both wont help. I would suggest taking vit E and vit C at different periods of the days so the body can absorb it rather than the two meeting each other in your stomach and canceling one another. Scurvy would be a too late symptoms to determine that you need vit C.

    Vit K3 - helps in blood clotting. One symptom that you know are low on K3 is when your fresh wounds (minor cuts lang po) won't stop bleeding fast - it should take less than a minute (along with compress on the cut) to stop bleeding....unless of course diabetic ka...

    Vitamin B complexes - all the rest not mentioned above are technically B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, panthothenic acid, biotic, folic). These are major culprit when you say na tumataba ka masyado sa vitamins...because the b complexes help in the release of energy from carbohydrate sources. The b vitamins aids the conversion of the carbohydrates in our food in simple sugars which are then used up to produce ATPs.

    All the other not mentioned above are "new" class of vitamins which might or might not be needed by the body.

    Sa minerals, you only need trace amounts of these iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, iodine and selenium.....too much can kill you!

    You'll need iron if you are generally anemic (it is very difficult to know unless extreme case na) but feeling tired could also be a symptom of iron deficiency...women mostly need supplementation during menstrual periods...too much of these can kill, lalo na sa bata.

    When it comes to trace mineral supplementation, it is highly suggested that you consult a physician for proper dosaging.

    That is the same logic that I believe that you don't necessarily need supplementation unless you see some symptoms that are very specific in nature AND you are limited on a diet that has very few variety or you don't eat veggie or meat - most vegetarians or non vegetarians would probably need supplementation because hindi complete or balance ang food sources nila.

    my 2 cents.

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    Jan 2004
    Bottom line: ask your doctor what you need or what's best for you.

    You may be taking Vit E on your own tapos masyado na manipis dugo mo. Or you're taking too much Vit C naninilaw na ngipin mo. Minsan kasi kung ok naman ang kain mo nakukuha mo na yung RDA for a certain vit/mineral. Or may bagay sa lifestyle mo...
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    Jun 2004
    Originally posted by the_wildthing
    Bottom line: ask your doctor what you need or what's best for you.
    To be honest with you, I hate most doctors when it comes to nutrition advice. I have a 4 year degree in Nutrition, I graduated in the US. Most doctors took only 1 course of nutrition, if at all. When it comes to nutrition, doctors still insist that they know more than we do, the nutrition grads. Most doctors I've talked to are very narrow minded, they are against taking any supplements even though there are documented proof it could lower your chance in getting debilitating diseases.

    bah, I'm ranting again...

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