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    Oct 2011
    Uncle Bob was right all along. Kaya hindi pa siya nakikipag negotiate sa fight with Mayweather kasi may pending na kaso sa kanya.

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    Nov 2010
    Meanwhile Pcman just bought P25M yacht for his wife and kids....

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    Dec 2005

    Marami pang ek-ek.... Laban na!...


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    Nov 2007
    the mokey gay weather este the money mayweather might fight pacman na after his sentence,he is broke and he needs a large amount of money badly!he envy manny that's why he's talking alot of s#it about pacman

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    May 2006
    Wow really

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    Oct 2011
    Maybe in the latter part of 2012. not on May.

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    Sep 2005
    hmmm looks like Marquez is out..

    Peterson in race as next foe of Pacman - The Philippine Star » News » Sports

    Peterson in race as next foe of Pacman

    MANILA, Philippines - Bob Arum yesterday said Lamont Peterson, the reigning IBF and WBA junior welterweight king, is definitely in the running as Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent.

    “Yes, he’s in the mix,” the Top Rank chief said.

    “I like Lamont and I’m friends with his manager and we once promoted him. Lamont is a very nice young man,” he said.

    Arum was on his way to San Antonio for a press conference announcing the Feb. 4 card featuring Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Nonito Donaire when he spoke to The STAR.

    The 80-year-old promoter will arrive in Manila on Jan. 10 to sit down with Pacquiao regarding his plans for his next fight.

    The who, when and where will be tackled, and Arum said he expects a clearer picture to come out by the time he flies back to the US on Jan. 14.

    Arum said he gave Freddie Roach four names to choose from – Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto, Tim Bradley and Peterson.

    These are the candidates, and whoever gets lucky gets to fight Pacquiao sometime in May or June.

    “That’s correct. Those are the four names,” said Arum.

    “That’s why I’m coming over,” he added.

    Arum, who promoted American daredevil Evel Knievel in his ridiculous Snake River Canyon jump in 1974, said he wants to find out from Pacquiao himself when he wants to fight.

    “May and June are two different months. So, we’re holding on to the MGM Grand for those months,” said Arum.

    Arum was asked which fight would be easiest to sell among the four, and he responded by saying, “That’s what we’re trying to figure out. That’s what we’re going to discuss.”

    Marquez, definitely, will be the easiest to sell, and the one that should make the most money because of the great history between the Mexican and Pacquiao.

    But there are those who say there’s nothing more to expect in a fight between Pacquiao and Marquez because it’s going to bear the same result.

    Oscar dela Hoya said there’s no need for a fourth fight because nothing will change – even if Pacquiao and Marquez fight a hundred times.

    “I think everybody already know what’s going to happen and what will happen. So, what for? There’s nothing better than Marquez can do, and there’s really nothing better than Pacquiao can do. We’ll going to see the same fight,” said Dela Hoya.

    Arum also said while he’s already set his eyes on Pacquiao’s next fight, he still believes that Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. will happen this year.

    “In November,” he said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Retz View Post
    Maybe in the latter part of 2012. not on May.

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    Sep 2005
    after Mayweather jail time was postponed to June, and said he is willing to fight on May.. now, here comes Arum.. saying Manny will fight in June.. wtf! ayaw ba talaga nyang makalaban si Mayweather?? Arum knows best my ass!

    June 9 or 16 next fight for Pacquiao

    MANILA, Philippines - Bob Arum is looking at June 9 or June 16 as the date of Manny Pacquiao’s next fight.

    For the Top Rank chief and promoter of boxing’s hottest star, it may be the right time. But to some, it may be a little too late.

    “Medyo matagal kapag June,” said Pacquiao’s legal adviser, Atty. Franklin Gacal, yesterday.

    But since Floyd Mayweather is fighting on May 5, following the suspension of his jail term from January to June, then there’s no other choice.

    Mayweather is looking at Canelo Alvarez and Robert Guerrero as his next opponent.

    “If Floyd has got a lock on May 5 in Las Vegas, then that leaves us with no other choice but to fight in June. Mr. Arum knows that,” Gacal added.

    Pacquiao also wants to fight in May.

    In fact, he said he wants Mayweather as his next opponent so the fans can get the fight they want, the fight they deserve, and is willing to get the smaller share of the purse just to get it done.

    But Arum said the other day, as news of Mayweather staying out of jail broke out, that Pacquiao should consider fighting later than May.

    Arum said Pacquiao may need a little more time so the cut he suffered in the fight against Juan Manuel Marquez last November fully heals.

    If Pacquiao fights in June, that’s seven months after his last, a close and controversial decision against Marquez.

    Pacquiao fought Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito eight months apart in 2010, and was busiest in 2008 when he did Marquez, Ricky Hatton and Oscar dela Hoya all in nine months.

    The four names that Arum gave to Freddie Roach remain the same, and Pacquiao needs to choose from among Miguel Cotto, Tim Bradley, Lamont Peterson or Marquez.

    Pacquiao said he will fight Marquez a fourth time if he is guaranteed $28 million.

    Some say Arum doesn’t want Pacquiao vs Mayweather to happen, ever, even if the 80-year-old promoter had said the superfight can take place in November this year.

    But not May.

    He also said the other day it’s not wise to hold Pacquiao vs Mayweather at the MGM Grand in May because of the limited sitting capacity of close to 17,000.

    Arum had mentioned the plan of putting up a temporary arena along Las Vegas Blvd., one that could house close to 40,000 fans. But the plan needs more time to materialize.

    Pacquiao has fought twice in Dallas where the Cowboys Stadium can accommodate a live audience of more than 100,000. Vegas won’t let that happen – again.

    Besides, Vegas is the boxing capital, the gambling capital of the world, and there’s no place on earth that could match its excitement, with all its casinos and the millions to generate.

    If it’s Pacquiao vs Mayweather, it has to be Vegas – period.

    So, it seems that Pacquiao will fight in June, in Vegas, but not against Mayweather.

    Arum knows best.

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    Oct 2002
    Now we know kung sino talaga ayaw labanan si PBF. **** arum!!!

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    May 2006
    Tangna to si Arum nag alangan to sa kakayahan ni Manny dahil sa poor showing sa JMM. Natakot to ilaban si Manny kay Floyd dahil alam niya mataas possibilidad matalo. Kung matalo si Manny kay Floyd, tapos ang maliligayang araw nila.

    Btw sa mga choices nila pwede ba tanggalin na si Cotto diyan..parang wala nang dapat pang patunayan JMM naman pagasa niya lang ma at least knockdown niya si Manny which is next to impossible so most likely, counterpunch boy lang talaga to tapos controversial decision nanaman..kakasawa na.

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