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    Apr 2004
    akala ko sa show lang siya patay... ayun pala totoo...


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    Jan 2003
    ....i'm guessing he died like brian pillman, alcohol and an overdose of painkillers. kahet malaki katawan ng mga yan, they do get hurt every week.

    ...sayang, kung kelan siya naging "new and improved" eddie guerrero.

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    Sep 2005
    sad sad sad...i'm gonna miss watching him.

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    Aug 2003
    some sources say his toothbrush was still in his mouth when they found him; mukhang biglaan talaga

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    Jan 2003
    Vickie Guerrero speaks on Eddie's autopsy report
    Nov. 15, 2005

    After the untimely passing of Eddie Guerrero, WWE and the entire sports-entertainment community is still reeling from the devastating loss of a champion. The initial autopsy reports on Guerrero have come in. spoke with Eddieís widow, Vickie Guerrero, earlier today.

    ďIt was heart failure. It was from his past Ė the drinking and the drug abuse. They found signs of heart disease. She (the examiner) said that the blood vessels were very worn and narrow, and that just showed all the abuse from the scheduling of work and his past. And Eddie just worked out like crazy all the time. It made his heart grow bigger and work harder and the vessels were getting smaller, and thatís what caused the heart failure. He went into a deep sleep.

    As soon as they saw his heart, they saw the lining of his heart already had the heart disease. There was no trauma, and Eddie hadnít hurt himself in any way. It answered a lot of questions. I knew Eddie wasnít feeling very good for the last week. He was home and kept saying he wasnít feeling good and we thought it was just ďroad tired.Ē So we thought he just had to rest. It answered a lot of my questions, too, because he was just so exhausted. She said it was normal because the heart was working so hard.

    When he didnít call me last night and the night before I knew it was for real, because he would call me every night. I miss his phone calls. I cried through the whole thing (last night).

    I loved his laugh. His laugh was the best.

    We just celebrated his four-year sobriety last Thursday. We just thought we had life by the handful. We thought we had it all figured out. He worked so hard to make a better life for us.

    Iím just overwhelmed by how people are coming out. Itís touched my heart a lot.

    Everybody was just in awe last night in how beautifully everything was put together.

    All my life was wrestling. All he did was take care of them and live for that. And I donít know what to do now.Ē

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    Oct 2002
    grabe sayang.

    heart bypass would have corrected his heart disease...

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    Oct 2002
    may lahi din kaming cardiomyopathy...
    yan din ang naging issue kay Eddie Curry at ng Chicago Bulls

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    May 2005
    parang biglang sumasakit dibdib ko ..

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    Nov 2002
    hai... kawawa.. laking kawalan sa industry ng wrestling to..

    kaya ingat ingat tayo sa mga take natin an gamot pati pagkaen..

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Eddie Guerrero of WWE is dead...