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    Oct 2002
    I'm really not updated sa mga cellphones......

    What's the best cellphone available today? Is it the P990i? Or one of the N-series?

    (Mods, sorry if I posted in the wrong forum, hindi kasi ako makalog-in dun sa Gadgets forum)

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    Mar 2005
    Define "best" first

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    May 2005
    ano ba hanap mo iyon may maganda na cam or maganda na sounds ?

    pag sa sounds doon ako sa W810i
    pag sa cam iyon 3.2 mega pixel ng sony ericsson...
    nakalimutan ko lang model number

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    Oct 2002
    Best is best.

    Just shoot from the top of your head. What do you think is the best cellphone out there.

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    Mar 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by BoEinG_747 View Post
    pag sa cam iyon 3.2 mega pixel ng sony ericsson...
    nakalimutan ko lang model number
    That would be the SE K800. :-)

    Sorry... I can't give a non-baised opinion on this. I'm an SE fanatic kasi eh.

    The P990i is GOOD....IF you can live with some of the bugs. I'm a P990i user and i've experienced a lot of bugs. BUT, none of those bugs were serious enough to prevent me from enjoying the phone. Also, SE has already released numerous Firmware udpates that fixes most of the bugs. (but some bugs still exist.)
    Newer SE phones (including the P990 of course) now allow you to update the firmware from home. You no longer need to go to a service center to have the phone flashed.

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    Sep 2006
    ^^^ +1...

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    Oct 2002
    daming best nyan...hehehe

    pda phones - O2 Atom Executive....

    Cam Phone - Sony Ericsson K800i

    MP3 Phone - Sony Ericsson W810i (W for walkman SE says)

    Video Phone - Nokia N93 -ganda raw ng quality ng video but I havent seen it yet

    Girlie Phone - Samsung (forgot the model but napaka-slim at cute)

    Show OFf Phone - Any Vertu phones....

    nalimutan ko....

    Mahabang battery life almost 7-8 day bago ka mag-charge - Motorola Phone - nalimutan ko na yung model, medyo luma na kasi yun eh.... pero galing non, yung isang kasamahan ko dati eh di nagdadala ng charger pag out of town assignment sya for a week...tapos me extra batt pa sya...hehehe yun nga lang nawala na yung phone nya, naiwan yata sa taxi....
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    Dec 2005

    New cellphones in the market today, especially those 3G phones, are burdened with a lot of bugs, because they're ladened with a lot of features. Also, the battery capacity cannot keep up with its power requirements, as you need to charge the battery every other day or every 3 days.....

    This pales in comparison with my faithful old phone,- one week in between charging for my regular text and call....

    I must admit though that the 3G stuff is neat. Once, I am buying something for my wife and there are a few choices,- called her up and showed her the choices using the phonecam. Whew! This thing is real cool!


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    Jun 2006
    sendo X pinakamaganda sa lahat kasi all in one.

    naghahanahp akong 8250..gusto ko ng classic phone para unique kasi puro camera phone na ngayon.

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    Sep 2005
    still have a 5110 and 3310.. walang tatalo!

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What's the best cell phone in the market today?